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If anyone loves a good laugh, it's Alex. She enjoys video games, anime and manga, and webcomics. Alex is also a lover of writing (and memes)! In addition, Digital Marketing is her new pastime, so she seeks out ways to inject fun into her articles on related subjects.

2022 SEO Trends for Topics and Research!

It’s been a long 2021, with twists, turns, and surprises! And we’re not just talking about current events. Digital Marketing […]


Google Alerts Free Alternatives for SEO Specialists

Google Alerts can be beneficial to SEO specialists. However, like in our Matomo Analytics article, Google has some issues occasionally. […]


ReallyGoodEmails.com and Its Fantastic Email Selection!

On its own, electronic mail is pretty eco-friendly since you don’t need paper or ink! You can send text, images, […]

Email Marketing

Matomo Analytics Gives you 100% Ownership of Your Data

Google has become the foremost company for quite a lot of Internet-related needs. It’s a widely-used browser, helps with your […]

Web Analytics

Google Indexing Plays a Part in Search Engine Optimization

Many people can search everything up with an engine, such as Bing or Google. But search engines, too, need to […]


Google Local Business Ranking Tips

What’s a key factor in getting your business noticed? It’s not just relying on the best SEO strategies like E-A-T. […]

Local SEO

Effective Link Building Strategies and the Types of Metrics

Blog Hyperlinking makes the Internet go round! Without hyperlinks or links, we wouldn’t be able to call the World Wide […]


What is E-A-T in SEO, and How it Boosts Your Rankings

Want to get to the top in any industry? You have to work smart and work hard. In addition to […]


Hiring Social Media Managers: Why Do You Need Them?

A Social Media Manager is a digital advertiser who advances your business via your chosen platforms. Before present-day, the job […]

Social Media Marketing

Mobile SEO vs Desktop SEO: What’s the Difference?

In terms of Mobile Marketing, one of the more recent adjustments Google has implemented is mobile-first indexing. However, many still […]

Mobile Marketing