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Insights on Instagram for Social Media Business Accounts

Feedback is the food of progress, and without it, one cannot learn how to improve oneself. The same is true for businesses. Now, analytics is another form of feedback! However, the main difference is that you don’t depend on customers for analytics. When it comes to Digital Marketing, you’ve got to check on your feedback — or analytics — regularly!  So, as someone handling social media for a business, you need to check on how your numbers are doing. Speaking of social media, Instagram rolled out a new feature called Instagram Insights for business accounts! You can check on the accounts you’ve reached and those you’re engaging with through Insights!

What’s Instagram Insights all about?

Instagram’s got about “one billion monthly active users,” Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media networks. In addition, its users are on the platform for 28 minutes per day on average. So when it comes to products or services that have a significant visual element, Instagram is the place to be, that is, to advertise!

So, in October of 2021, Christmas came early for Instagram users, as the social media platform had a rollout of multiple new features. You may have heard of Instagram Desktop, Instagram Carousel posts and Instagram Collabs. Now get ready for Instagram Insights!

instagram insights

Source: Business.Instagram.com.

Instagram Insights is a feature that allows its users to check on the demographics of the audience they’re reaching. So now, a user can see the data regardless of whether said audience is following the user or not. 

Additionally, you can check your analytics via Insights using two sections, Accounts Engaged and Accounts Reached. Their metrics depend on your audience. Now, Accounts Engaged is for the audience that’s following you. On the other hand, Accounts Reached contains info on the audience that has you on your radar.

Though this feature is impressive, note that it comes with one big caveat: it’s only available for business Instagram accounts.

How can I find Instagram Insights?

You can find Insights on Instagram’s main menu, provided that you have a business account. However, if you’re on your personal Instagram account, chances are you can’t find Insights. 

However, if you’re curious about a business Instagram account, here’s what you do:

Creating your Business Instagram Account

1. Head over to Settings and select the option: Switch to Professional Account. 

Selecting the Switch option turns your personal account into a business account. So, whether you’re just curious about what Instagram Insights looks like or plan to make your account a business-related one permanently, you don’t need to commit to any fees.

2. Instagram will ask: “Which Best Describes You?” 

Once you tap the Switch to Professional Account option, Instagram will prompt you to choose whether Creator or Business best describes your account! 

If you’re planning to pick Creator, Instagram states that such business users include professions such as:

  • public figures,
  • content producers, 
  • artists, and 
  • influencers.

For Business, on the other hand, users might be:

  • retailers,
  • local businesses, 
  • brands, 
  • organizations, and 
  • service providers.
instagram insights

3. Next up, you’ll select your category.

Also, you can choose to hide your category or not. These categories will, of course, differ between Creator and Business, and you only need to select one before you move on. Additionally, you can opt whether or not to make the category visible!

4. After that, you need to provide your contact information.

The contact information Instagram needs includes your business email, phone number, and business address! Also, you can choose whether to show your business’ public business information or not. Or, you can opt not to input business info!

5. And that’s it! 

Your business Instagram account is ready to go. From the main menu, you can access Instagram Insights data. So, here you’ll find the Accounts you’ve Engaged and Reached!

Accounts Engaged

As its name suggests, your Accounts Engaged will show you how many users are engaged with your business Instagram account. The data for this Instagram Insights section is broken down into followers and non-followers. Among those, the most important Accounts Engaged metrics you’ll see are:

  • top cities and countries; 
  • age ranges and gender; and
  • the total number of accounts engaged with you in a given period.
instagram accounts reached, instagram business

Source: Business.Instagram.com.

Accounts Reached

You can’t always be sure if your view counts match the number of your followers. So, Instagram Insights helps you out with Accounts Reached! Reached covers the stats for accounts that haven’t followed you but have taken notice of your content. The metrics here are similar to Accounts Engaged! Just as before, you’ll see the metrics:

  • top cities and countries; 
  • age ranges and gender; and
  • the total number of accounts you’ve reached in a given period.

— of the users who have your content in their orbit.

Analyze your next move with Instagram Insights!

Instagram Insights is the hot new thing that can assist business accounts on the platform! Feedback is crucial for planning your next moves in business, and the same goes for analytics. Now, of course, Insights is meant for businesses, but it’s no big thing to make a business Instagram account out of a personal one.

Insights will allow its business-minded users to check on the Instagram users they’ve engaged with, even those who have seen their posts! In addition, business owners can check on the total number of accounts engaged with business content. Also, in the demographics, business users can check on their audience’s cities, countries, age ranges, and genders.

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