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How Social Media Has Changed Marketing & Utilizing Viral Marketing

How social media has changed marketing and viral marketing’s impact has significantly changed how users view traditional advertising and marketing. Utilizing any trend or prevalent concept as a marketing strategy can garner rapid attention and shares within online platforms.

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This marketing approach offers businesses the potential to reach a massive audience with rapid speed and quick results. This approach can increase brand visibility, user engagement, and mass product awareness if properly utilized.

A Catalyst for Rapid Reach

How social media has changed marketing is evident in numerous ways, like viral marketing campaigns. Which is any marketing approach that relies on a focal group sharing a marketing message at a rapid and expressive rate. It is a unique social media marketing strategy that leverages existing social networks to increase brand awareness and other specific objectives.

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There have been a number of marketing campaigns throughout the years that made considerable contributions to their respective businesses.

Viral Marketing as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

If utilized properly, viral and trending marketing can help businesses integrate within and reach a broader range of marketing initiatives. A crucial and common approach is to align your business’s campaigns towards any current or potential viral subject exposure. 

The use of viral content can complement and enhance your campaign’s marketing narrative and efforts. Using social media postings is also a resourceful marketing tactic in gaining rapid momentum and exposure to the public over time.

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The Upsides Of Utilizing Viral Media Approaches

Going deeper and more aware, here are the common advantages of utilizing viral social media marketing for your business’s campaigns.


This marketing approach is a cost-effective move. If utilized correctly and the campaign gains a viral following, this will lead to the ad and campaign being shared and spread around quickly in a short span of time. 

Generate Good Leads and Traffic Online

Once the business’ intended campaign goes viral and shared with audiences, the attention will directly lead back toward your brand. This effectively lets users visit your services, subscribe, or purchase your offers.

Contributes to The Brand’s Credibility

Being the source of positive viral content can lead to the improvement of your brand’s identity and credibility. The growing attention your viral campaign brings results in increasing your topical authority and presence as a company within the online landscape.

The Downside Within This Approach

While the advantages of utilizing viral social media marketing approaches on how social media has changed marketing can garner a wide number of benefits in boosting business goals, they come with their own limits. The downside of this marketing strategy includes:

Not Friendly for Small Businesses

Viral approaches are not recommended for small businesses, especially those recently starting their operations. If small businesses try this at an early stage, they will not be able to control the overnight attention and demand properly.

Difficult to Measure and Keep Track

While it may sound positive, keeping track of viral content’s metrics is no easy feat. Improper measurements and reliance can lead to a big mess within your business and difficulty pinpointing the intended target from individuals who ride on the hype.

Garnering Criticisms and Controversial Attention

The most critical disadvantage of using this marketing approach is the possible and unpredictable chance of garnering controversy and negative attention. If utilized incorrectly and your campaign spreads, your audience may see it from a bad perspective. It is crucial to know your audience’s best interests during research and the dos and don’ts of advertising.

Final Thoughts

In summary, how social media has changed marketing, such as viral marketing, is deemed a double-edged sword. If utilized correctly. The approach can result in garnering attention at a rapid pace. For this strategy, your businesses should invest in proper strategy and carefully consider how well the viral content will be taken.

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