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Hiring Social Media Managers: Why Do You Need Them?

A Social Media Manager is a digital advertiser who advances your business via your chosen platforms. Before present-day, the job of Social Media Managers would fall to young interns who were tech-savvier than their more seasoned corporate counterparts. Nowadays, the Social Media landscape requires a fair amount of strategy and hard work. So, companies should look into hiring Social Media Managers! They have several benefits. Overall, they can hold down the Social Media fort while your business does what it does best!

What’s so good about a Social Media Manager?

They can keep up with the ever-changing Social Media landscape.

Social Media Managers quickly anticipate changes and adjust their strategies accordingly. Campaigns and client needs can be tweaked to create content that pleases the platforms’ user base. The world of the internet invites, celebrates, and perpetuates change. As a result, Social Media platforms generally shift their goalposts around every so often. But with a bit of homework, a Social Media Manager is good to go! 

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The homework in question can involve algorithm changes within the platform. A Social Media Manager should learn about tweaks in how the platform functions and then apply it through strategies that can get more attention from users. In addition, a Social Media Manager should keep an eye on current and upcoming trends! For example, since Social Media Managers create post captions to boost traffic, they can apply trending phrases or topics to posts. Utilizing trending topics or styles is a great way to stay relevant and advertise to new people!

Social Media Managers can cultivate engagement! 

A Social Media Manager isn’t a job for people who want to sit back and watch the engagement pour in. To get the attention of algorithms and users alike, you need a concrete plan and the discipline to carry it out. After all, you’re handling an account associated with a brand, so simply posting whenever the desire strikes is not a good plan at all. Instead, a Social Media Manager should constantly find themselves in the thick of it. They should interact with followers, go through analytics, and create compelling content. 

As for the first point, you can’t be stagnant when it comes to Social Media. However, consistency is not the same as stagnancy. For one, you need to post regularly to build up a decently large pool of content! Plus, they have to choose well between the social media platforms their businesses can benefit from, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. And they have to time posts well, too! But worry not, Social Media Managers can post on time with social media schedulers or calendars!

They can help clients and keep the Internet’s public opinion positive. 

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as they say. It applies particularly to damage control when it comes to handling customers. A good amount of people don’t go to the front desk or a complaints box anymore — they complain to your business’ Social Media accounts. Our Social Times reported that 71% of consumers complain online because a company failed at “traditional customer service.” And not only that, 38% receive a reply to their complaint, with a whopping 70% waiting for a response that never comes.

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So, you should hire a Social Media Manager to field questions, concerns, and complaints on your platform! 

If you get to a customer’s message early on, your chances of nipping trouble in the bud are higher. It’s a far better alternative compared to letting the problem sit, which will allow your customer’s goodwill to fester. Naturally, a Social Media Manager knows exactly what to do to handle complaints! They will do so while representing the brand and its values!

Social Media Managers can advance your customer base!

A Social Media Manager can grow your audience through engagement. Hiring Social Media Managers is crucial because they’re responsible for bringing new potential customers into the fold! In addition, the Internet is an excellent tool for extending your reach beyond your immediate geographical location. Therefore, Social Media can help you gain a bigger audience even if you’re not in the same neck of the woods. 

Your Social Media Manager can help you with your reach! They share intel about your brand to the audience, and the audience, in turn, shares the intel with their Social Media peers. And with a bigger audience comes their trust — of course, provided that your product or service does well. After all, Social Media is another avenue for advertising your brand! A US study done in September 2020 found that 51% of “purchasing decisions were [influenced] by social media ads.” 

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They can also keep track of progress and act accordingly.

Why should you think about hiring Social Media Managers? Well, they can keep your business on the ball! That means your brand has someone knowledgeable on what makes Social Media audiences tick. In addition, they know how to play the platforms to your advantage!

Since a Social Media Manager is responsible for furthering your brand reputation, that means they need constant feedback. So, they always need to watch how the posts are doing across platforms and the progress of social media promos or campaigns. It invites learning from the past and applying changes to the present time.

Hiring Social Media Managers will improve your brand reach!

Social Media is an excellent marketing avenue. It utilizes much less copy than business blogs yet allows people to see a casual side of your brand. Then, it becomes a gateway to seeing your more business-oriented content. So, hiring a Social Media Manager can help orchestrate what you want out of your Social Media audience! 

However, the platforms across the ‘Net have different cultures, trends, and developments, so a Social Media Manager can handle change and make it work for you! In addition, they can grow your audience, which increases potential customers. Social Media Managers can also address complaints. Lastly, they can also check on campaign progress and report on it!

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