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Popular Music on Instagram Reels to Boost Content Reach

With the introduction of Short-form Videos, Video Content has changed into how creatively you can convey an idea in less than half a minute. In this age of fast-paced consumption of information, music greatly helps relay an idea. If you’re using Short-form Videos to reach more audiences, then using Popular Music on Instagram Reels will surely help you go viral!

How Does Popular Music Affect Your Instagram Reels?

popular music on instagram reels

Music has always been part of human culture since time immemorial. The repeated sound of raindrops with the occasional thunder helped our ancestors sleep, knowing that predators were also hiding. In short, music helps us feel things and understand what we see.

Moreover, music also helps the viewers of your Video Content immerse themselves in what they’re watching. Without music, videos are bland and will lack substance or feel lackluster. Music also helps set the mood. Like how fast-paced music means action, music with a slower beat indicates an intimate emotion.

Popular music is music that’s attracted the attention of many people. Therefore, integrating popular music into your Instagram Reels will have it show up when people look for the song. Accordingly, the reach of your Reels will increase since people that are fans of the music are also exposed to your content.

Different Kinds Of Music

Music comes in many flavors, ranging from pop songs you hear on the radio to the sounds created by musicians using different sound samples. This variety of sounds helps fit the vast array of daily generated content. However, some music gets more popular than others since people put other meanings to the song.

Most hits get famous since they are upbeat and fun to listen to, even when playing repeatedly. On the other hand, some get popular since many people relate to the song’s lyrics. There’s no definite answer to what makes a song famous, but everyone agrees that popular songs are generally catchy.

Music From Famous Artists

Famous artists generally create music that’s a hit or miss. Some of their songs might not appeal to many people, but since they typically have a lot of fans, their songs get popular. Some artists also focus on a single music genre to appeal to a specific audience, making their songs popular in certain communities.

However, most of these artists’ music is copyrighted, meaning you can only use a snippet of their songs for creative purposes. Creating Instagram Reels is the best way to take advantage of this since you can showcase your creativity and stand out among the rest!

Video Game Music

social media marketing with music

Music from video games has recently increased in popularity with the increase of people that play games during the Covid-19 pandemic. Video game music generally focuses on setting an atmosphere or invoking the player’s feelings, making it popular in content related to the same industry, such as tutorials and walkthroughs.

Video game music for your Instagram Reels fits when you create content that needs a good BGM (Background Music). For instance, you want to make a Reel where you want to make the audience feel forlorn due to missing out on a sale of your merchandise. So video game music where a main character’s friend gets struck by tragedy might be a good song to use!

Royalty-Free Music

Despite the word ‘free,’ Royalty-Free Music isn’t free because you must own a license to use their music. However, worry not, since such music on Instagram is free since they have permission to use music as long as it’s on the platform. 

Using Royalty-Free Music for your Instagram Reels not only saves on resources but also gives you the chance to be the one who’ll popularize that music. So, create content where the song you chose fits or makes it ironic, and people will surely love it!

How To Make Your Reels Go Viral On Instagram

social media marketing with music

Creating content that rapidly circulates across Instagram and is liked by many users is known as “going viral.” While that’s relatively simple to understand, it can be more challenging to comprehend how to actually “go viral.”

However, a relative pattern is observable in most viral posts. And those are:

  • It has a lot of views, likes, and comments;
  • There are numerous shares;
  • There’s High-quality and Entertaining content (This includes memes);
  • The post has reached a large number of users; and
  • It uses trending music.

We can only control two aspects of viral posts: the use of trending music and High-quality content. With this, we can formulate our plan on how to create posts that can go viral.

Where To Find Trending Music For Your Instagram Reels

Finding popular music is easy! All it takes is heading to Instagram’s explore page. However, everyone’s Explore Page differs from one another because Instagram’s algorithm adjusts it to cater to your account.

However, don’t feel limited to what’s trending on Instagram. You should also look at the trending page of other similar Social Media Platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Though their platforms differ, their content is often interchangeable, which means what’s popular on one platform can also be popular on the other.

Given this information, it doesn’t mean you should imitate popular content. Instead, stand out by creating unique content without diverging too much.

Creating High-Quality Videos

High-quality videos are often categorized as ones that are edited but not in an obvious way. Using a wide range of Video Editing Tools will significantly improve your content since they specialize in different aspects. Not only that, Social Media Users love Video Content, even more so when it’s quality content.

If you have high-quality content, Social Media Users will share it, notably entertaining ones. In addition, relatable content is commonly shared between people to gauge the other person’s reaction or share their experience.

Use Popular Music on Your Instagram Reels Today!

popular music on instagram reels

Instagram Reels are also a form of Video Content, meaning what makes Video Content popular also applies to Reels. Increase your views by scheduling your content postings since it’s also a factor in what makes a viral post. 

Using Popular Music on Instagram Reels will surely increase the reach of your content. But, first, choose what famous song you plan on using by properly researching your target audience.

Not many songs are a hit with the general populace. So, you can choose music best suited to the situation. Alternatively, you can be a pioneer and start a new trend!

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