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How Can You Attract Social Media Users to Share Videos?

One of the biggest questions for most upcoming content creators is how you can attract Social Media users to join your community. Furthermore, how will you differentiate yourself from other online content creators in this overwhelming amount of ideas and beliefs shared on the same Social Media platform?

5 Easy Steps To Attract Social Media Users To Share Your Online Content

A good start in spreading your online presence is establishing a community based on the content you share. The following tips will help you form a circle of people that will create a solid foundation to support you and your audience. Then as time passes, they will slowly attract the curiosity of people on Social Networks.

Make An Impression: First Impressions Stay Forever Online

How do you make a lasting impression? Suppose you’re creating content that caters to people wanting entertainment. Creating a ‘gap personality,’ for example, will help keep you in people’s minds. For educational or informative content, finding ways to make it entertaining to watch will significantly help video engagement. Try giving examples that relate to the everyday life of a simple person. This first step will surely help you attract Social Media users.

As quoted from an article in Forbes, “Your online presence can be consciously controlled. It’s much better to be in charge of what people see about you.” So just be yourself and show what you want others to see. If you change who you are to cater to your audience, you’ll only tire yourself out.

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Establish Your Niche Online Content: Attract A Specific Crowd

The Russian proverb, “Catching two rabbits at once will get you none,” is a famous saying that states how the human mind can only focus on one task at a time. Therefore, though you can establish your online image as the “Gaming Engineer,” you can only be recognized as either a gamer or an engineer. It’s all based on what content your audience watches and which characteristic is more prevalent in your videos. 

How can you attract Social Media users when you can’t decide what content you want? Focusing your content on just one topic helps unify your audience and sets you apart from other content creators! For example, you can be a Gamer that nitpicks on the game’s physics you learned being an engineer. On the other hand, you can be an Engineer who gives informative videos explaining how things work using gamer terminologies. Attracting Social Media users this way will be more organic, and your audience will most likely stay!

Create A Supportive Audience: The Foundation Of Your Community

As a content creator, interaction with your fans helps create new ideas and a bond essential for increasing your audience and maintaining stable traffic to your videos. Videos with high engagement are usually ranked first on the search list of the famous video-watching site YouTube. In addition, if your target audience appreciates your content and knows someone who also enjoys the same subject, they might invite them to join your community, which will slowly snowball as time passes.

Give back to your audience and show how thankful you are. Do shoutouts and giveaways, and appreciate their fanart. This method is successful since they’ll personally connect with your business. A famous example of this is the Youtube King Pewdiepie. If you ask him the question of how to attract Social Media users? He’ll answer along the lines of “just be the talk of the town.”

Expand Your Fanbase: Increase The Reach Of Your Content

You should only expand your fanbase after feeling comfortable that your community won’t leave if you explore new ideas. As in the earlier example of the “Gaming Engineer,” if you play the same type of game repeatedly, the comments become stale, and jokes become repetitive. Trying out games that are new to you while maintaining your image will work great and attract people that are from a different game genre.

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Encouraging your audience to share your videos on other platforms will help it reach the many corners of the internet, primarily composed of Social Media platforms. In addition, if the content of your videos is engaging, you can attract other Social Media users to how fun your community is!

Quality Over Quantity: Social Media Users Love Quality Content

Not only will high-quality videos attract a bigger audience and take you more seriously, but if they find it entertaining, most of the time, they’ll share it. No matter how many videos you make, they’ll most likely flop if they aren’t made with effort. The only low-quality videos that get popular are those made to be unironically low quality or memes. Unless that’s your goal, higher-quality videos will always impress people.

Tons of video editing tools are now available, whether paid or free. They all offer different tools which help in getting your ideas across. Here are some of the best Video Editing Tools to help you make high-quality videos!

Quality isn’t only about how you present your video and your content. Well-scripted videos keep viewers entertained for long. Unscripted videos that show genuine reactions are shared to see how others will react when presented with the same situation. So do you attract Social Media users if you don’t put effort into your craft?

Use Hashtags: The Quickest Way Of Sorting Content

Using relevant hashtags on your video content will easily attract people on Social Media! Hashtags are a way to distinguish your content from other topics. These help the platforms sort out content and what type of content is currently trending. Take advantage of these when planning for your content and ride the wave of trending content to reach more people! 

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What Should You Do Next?

Now that you have your community and they only talk about your videos amongst themselves, how do you invite other Social Media users? Social Media Analytics Tools can keep track of how your work is doing. So here are some tools that are easy for beginners. After analyzing your statistics, you can plan your next course of action. An example would be creating content that caters to your established fanbase and your next target audience. 

Though we previously talked about making niche videos to form a community, creating videos that everyone can enjoy is the best content you can share online. Moreover, how can you attract Social Media users if you limit your content just to appease your audience? Furthermore, since Social Media aims to connect its users to different kinds of people, posting videos that cater to the general public is a must if you want your videos to spread to other Social Media platforms. Content made for the general public may be more challenging to plan and create than content with a niche. However, if made well, videos that cater to the general public have more reach, allowing you to expand your community.

Final Thoughts: Social Media Users Are Attracted To Easily Understandable Content

To sum up, you must:

  • create a dedicated audience;
  • make quality content; and 
  • always strive to improve. 

That combination will help you reach your goals. As a result, everyone will talk about you and your brand. Attracting Social Media users will be simple once a sizeable number of people talk about you and your community. The influx of shares will increase as a diverse audience discusses your content. 

Once you secure your base audience, slowly expand by creating quality content that connects to a general audience. A few examples of this content are blogs and memes. Blogs will answer most of the user’s questions on what your videos are about; memes will make it easier to understand. As more people get exposed to your content, the answer to the question of how you can attract Social Media users will be revealed!

The content industry has always been very competitive. People who have been successful in the trade were the ones who stood out among the rest with their innovative ideas and relatable personalities. Just think positive and make the most of your failures, and eventually, you will reach success.

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