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TikTok Shopping Ads that You Should be Using

TikTok Shopping Ads have been a massive hit during the pandemic. Around 300 million downloads were recorded by the end of March 2020 alone, which is the highest for a single app in a quarter.

With the increased internet traffic, Social Media giant Tiktok rode the wave of trends and incorporated three new ways to advertise using their platform! What are these marketing techniques, and how will they affect Social Media Marketing?

What is TikTok, and How Do You Shop There?

The Social Media Platform TikTok primarily focuses on creating short-form videos. Why? People nowadays have little time on their hands, and introducing short-form videos has filled the gap between breaks. A recent statistic proved that users have been using the app for around 45.8 minutes per day, just enough time to spend during their lunch breaks and before sleep.

With the transition of shopping ads to social media platforms such as TikTok, new ways of advertising emerged. Three types of these advertising formats are Live Shopping, Catalog Listing, and Video Shopping.

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Live Shopping: Fastest Claimer Wins

As the name suggests, Live Shopping is when the seller sells their merchandise while filming themselves live. It works similarly to the traditional stalls you see around the corner, only that it’s live on the Internet as the seller advertises their merchandise!

The advantage of Live Shopping is that the seller can immediately answer any question regarding the product. After all, one of the most significant factors for customer satisfaction is customer service. Live Shopping is popular because the customer can’t review the product personally, so they have someone check it for them live.

Catalog Listing: Old is The New In

Catalog Listing uses the old format of listing products, but this time, online and with innovations. So, this ad type offers high-definition images where you can look down at the tiny details of the product. They also have short videos where big and small influencers showcase the merchandise.

This advertising method has withstood the test of time and only shows how consumers are willing to buy things that catch their attention. The only difference for the TikTok catalog listing is that it’s on TikTok. Therefore, it offers convenience for TikTok users who saw the product showcased by an influencer.

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Video Shopping Ads: The Transition Of Ads To The Digital Market

Video Shopping Ads are the ads you commonly see on the Internet while watching videos. They can be found everywhere, interjecting the videos you are viewing or silently playing beside them.

The thing with Video Shopping Ads is that it’s dynamic and targets what the user wants. They use an advanced AI that sorts out the content of their users. Using this technology, the AI then automatically suggests your business to a potential customer.

Another advantage of Video Advertising is that it gives a lot of information on your product, making it very appealing to potential customers. After all, people generally prefer video content over most visual content.

Other Forms Of TikTok Shopping Ads

Specific forms of advertising cater to different kinds of products. For example, one of the most common merchandise sold using Live Shopping is clothes. Having a reference helps the customers choose the best merchandise since clothes differ in size. 

However, relying only on Paid Advertising limits your avenues of marketing your business. Combining different marketing methods is the best way to improve your sales! 

Fortunately, there are some more TikTok Marketing Strategies that will help you establish your brand.

Influencer Marketing

One of the latest trends in Digital Marketing is having people with large communities following them to advertise their products. Back then, only celebrities had the power to pull something like this off. Today, many charismatic individuals can form groups and communities due to the world’s interconnectedness.

Most of these individuals are called micro-influencers. These people have communities that number from 10,000 to 50,000 followers. An increase in micro-influencers has been observed in the last few years, and taking advantage of this will improve your business’s sales rate.

Having these influencers sell your product on-stream is one way of increasing your customer base. In addition, influencers can promote your product in their videos and have their communities check your catalogs. Lastly, having them appear on your video ads will have their communities check it out, increasing video engagement which helps improve your product’s SEO.

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Creating A Business Social Media Account

Using Social Media Platforms such as TikTok for advertising benefits your business. Almost all kinds of companies have established their online presence using Social Media accounts, and not having one will only leave you behind in the race to build your brand.

 A Social Media Account for your business will increase your digital social presence and help establish your public relations. In addition, content based on your products and services will help build a community around your brand. This community will also help you establish your trademark by talking about it to others, not just in your community. Of course, there are various ways to create a supportive community!

Your Social Media account will be useless without good content, and inspiration does not always come. Therefore, scheduling your content helps manage your account and lessens your burden when consistently creating high-quality content. 

Other Ways To Promote Your Brand

With the rise of Social Media, people are discussing different topics simultaneously. Using hashtags helps categorize your business into a single thread of discussion, as TikTok uses them, just like Twitter and Instagram. Thus, using hashtags in your shopping ads will increase their visibility to your target audience.

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TikTok Shopping Can Work for You

It might not cross your mind to do shopping on a Social Media platform, but it has been the trend during the pandemic. The sensation occurred because people were secluded in their homes. Thus, customers were unable to go out and buy things they wanted. As a result, Internet usage was at an all-time high, and these platforms took advantage of this problem and solved it.

TikTok Shopping works by having a business integrate its advertisements into the Social Media Platform. These ads then target users by what kind of content they consume. When these prospective customers click on their ad, they will be redirected to a landing page to confirm the customer’s purchase.

Final Thoughts

Many other Marketing Techniques exist, and using all of them is the best way to promote your business. TikTok Shopping Advertisements might be new to the scene, but they have proven effective. Experiment by combining them with the existing strategies in marketing and see the results for yourself so you can adjust accordingly.

The best thing about using Social Media Platforms for marketing is that you can see the trends and statistics of your content. Moreover, you can also engage with your customer for better feedback. Tiktok Shopping Ads is the new marketing frontier; take advantage of it and improve your business!

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