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Social Media Posting Times, by Platform

For parents worldwide, unsurprisingly, people are on Social Media a lot. Global WebIndex says 57.6% of the global population uses social media. In addition, people are on various platforms for 2 hours and 41 minutes. So, Social Media Marketing calls for optimal posting times! You can tap a vast audience across different age groups, countries, and even goals. Posting schedules will vary across time zones and platforms, even demographics! 

Why do I need to pick the best time to post? Can’t I post at any time?

Every good plan starts with the most critical step: research! Naturally, no two platforms have the same best time. The same principle extends to various businesses. You can’t just post at any time of the day, especially if you want big numbers and engagement. Thus, you should find the optimal time to post on your socials. 

When should you post to Social Media?

We’ve compiled the trends for some of the most popular platforms in this article. However, your demographics may not always follow the trends. It’s just like finding the best time to send your Marketing Emails. You need to investigate the best posting schedule that works for you and your audience! After all, a corporate employee works on a different schedule than a stay-at-home mother. You may find that some niches in the day draw maximum attention.

Social Media Posting Times, Optimal time to post

So when should you post to Social Media? Well, that depends on your audience. Plus, you can use this in conjunction with a 2022 Content Marketing Calendar.


Best Social Media Posting Time: Weekdays at noon. 

Facebook is excellent for engaging directly with your audience due to the number of users. It’s the biggest Social Media platform, with its monthly user count clocking in at “roughly 2.89 billion […] as of the second quarter of 2021.”

Your posting time for this social platform should be centered around the weekdays. So, the optimal time to post is around noon on weekdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to have the most traffic among all the weekdays. 

when to post social media

Facebook traffic goes down drastically during the weekends, especially in the middle of the day. Considering that, it’s safe to assume that people go out on their days off. So, the best time to post on Social Media is before these hours, around 9 in the morning. The next best time is after 8 PM. So, your posting should be scheduled around the time when people are having their lunch breaks.


Best Social Media Posting Time: Weekdays, early morning and from the afternoon up until the evening.

Instagram primarily deals with visuals — pictures and video! So not only can you post your usual media posts, but there are also Instagram Guides. Instagram has more than 2 billion monthly users as of last year. 

The optimal time to post on this Social Media platform is when people wake up. Generally, Instagram users will check their feed first thing in the morning. Think six AM and onwards! Another excellent posting time for your socials is from the afternoon to the late evening. So you can schedule your posting time from two PM onwards. As for the weekends, like with Facebook, it’s best to post in the morning and then at night. 

Social Media Posting Times, posting time socials


Best Social Media Posting Time: Weekdays, early to mid-afternoon.

YouTube specializes in videos. Not only that, but it’s second to Facebook in terms of popularity with 2.3 billion monthly active users. Plus, it even serves as a search engine on its own! 

You should schedule your posting time around the early afternoon. So from Monday to Wednesday, there’s a traffic spike from two to four PM. Then, you should switch from noontime to three PM for the latter half (Thursdays and Fridays). Considering that the work or school week is slowing down and the weekend is fast approaching, Thursday and Friday are the optimal days to post on this Social Media platform! 

So by extension, during the weekends, you get a large number of views. Also, it’s the optimal time to post as children in school, and young adults are free during these days. Thus, this demographic lends to a nine to eleven AM posting schedule. 

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Best Social Media Posting Time: Fridays at noon.

With 528.3 million monthly active users globally, Twitter’s a prime candidate for Social Media Marketing endeavors. Its posts generally consist of text with limited characters, at times with photos and videos.

It’s best to schedule your posting time on Fridays, from noon up to three PM. As for the other weekdays, your optimal posting time is in the afternoon! More specifically, from about three to six PM. Weekdays have more engagement compared to weekends. The worst day for posting is Sunday mornings. If you have to post something on this day, your best time is from 11 AM onwards. 

Find your optimal Social Media Posting Time!

Besides Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing is a pretty cost-effective way to get attention. Having a varied yet fitting profile of platforms can only work in your favor! You can reap the benefits. But first, you have to find the best time to post on your Socials.

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