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Why Social Media is Important for Your Business

You’ll mostly be forgiven for not having a Social Media presence in this day and age. However, billions of people worldwide use it — in 2020, Statista found it was 3.6 billion! Not only that, the number may reach up to 4.41 billion within the next five years. And those numbers aren’t just for show! It has a bounty of benefits. There is a sea of posts on the internet, and users go on the platforms for recreational purposes. Yet, businesses can use these platforms for Digital Marketing. So, here’s why Social Media is crucial for your business.

The 5 Benefits of Socials for your business:

Social Media is crucial because it grows your audience and drives traffic.

A decent client base doesn’t come from thin air. The reason why it is so crucial is because it already has a pool of users waiting for the right posts to tickle their fancy! There are over three billion users on Social Media platforms! So, using your Socials, you can raise awareness about your brand and cultivate engagement. (If you want any help, you can always count on Social Media Managers.)

why social media is important

The conversions from these interactions will divert traffic to your other channels, such as your business website! Hook people with your fantastic Social Media presence, and you can redirect them to your desired channels. So, it helps you achieve conversion goals!

Social Media is crucial because it’s also a Customer Service channel!

Businesses can handle complaints or concerns by, say, responding to customer complaints via email. Now, 76% of consumers prefer to call Customer Service reps. One indeed tends to see some quick assistance when on the phone. However, according to BrandWatch via Hubspot, handling customer concerns with Social Media is a dozen times cheaper than calling. 

Yet, it is still helpful as many younger users prefer it. Additionally, Social Media messages tend to be briefer than emails, and the responses are faster, too! Still, you should keep an eye on other channels to respond to Customer Service. But, you can’t ignore how beneficial it is as a channel!

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Social Media is crucial because it gets your brand name out there!

It helps you out with your “street cred.” That is, specific platforms, such as LinkedIn, can spread the good word about your business. Well, the ones that provide reviews or ratings are far more helpful than others, at least. Even if your platforms don’t always give feedback on your brand, your presence is still visible to users nonetheless. 

Additionally, you can also share company news and messages via Social Media! Putting on a couple of Public Relations posts every now and then can only bring up engagement. Also, spreading positive new tidbits of information can make them feel closer to your brand!

Social Media is crucial because it can add to your search results.

If you want visibility, you’re going to have to put a bit of work into it. You see, Social Media can help you out with SEO. Of course, it has reasonable advantages. However, one surefire way to get your Socials to help with SEO is to post links to your SEO-optimized web pages! 

social media is important

In addition, pretty much all of the Social Media platforms in existence have a search bar, so you’ve got to include your full business name, the nature of your product or service, and any other essential search terms you want to be known for! 

Also, you need to state your location — Location-based SEO is real! Small local businesses can save up money on advertising if they play their Local Search cards right.

Social Media is crucial because it can help promote or source content!

Socials can be used to promote content. Depending on the focus of the Social Media platform, promotions are crucial because they showcase your products or services! You get to share new things on offer with your audience, tipping them off and thus spreading awareness! You can also spread awareness about brand deals or share different Calls to Action than usual. 

On the other hand, you can even crowdsource ideas from your audience. However, if you want, you can do some research or have your audience answer surveys instead. It also goes to feed into your engagement, as customers love to have their opinions heard by the businesses they support!

social media is important

Further your engagement and traffic using your Socials!

Social Media users look at posts on their chosen platforms to enjoy themselves. However, it is an excellent vessel for marketing your business or brand to a broader audience! You can gain a client base from this audience, which you can divert to your other channels, particularly your business website. 

Social Media is crucial for your business for a variety of additional reasons. You can also deal with customer concerns and complaints! Plus, your Socials can help you advertise your brand, provided that you fill in the necessary information for search results to pick up on your profiles! Finally, it can promote content or even help you find it! 

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