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Alexandrea Belen

If anyone loves a good laugh, it's Alex. She enjoys video games, anime and manga, and webcomics. Alex is also a lover of writing (and memes)! In addition, Digital Marketing is her new pastime, so she seeks out ways to inject fun into her articles on related subjects.

Emerging Technologies Shaping Mobile Marketing in Asia

Long before the pandemic, there was already an evident rise in mobile marketing in Asia. However, COVID-19 just strengthened mobile […]

Mobile Marketing

Local SEO Philippines: Strategies for Local Businesses’ Success

There are numerous strategies out there for search engine optimization (SEO) and this includes local search engine optimization. Local SEO […]

Local SEO

Email Marketing Strategies In Crafting Compelling Subjects

Creating compelling subject lines is at the top of email marketing strategies and essentials because it’s often the first thing […]

Email Marketing

SEO Research Services : Content Strategy with User Queries

People typically visit search engines when they have a search query in mind. Some are looking for information, while others […]


Best Video Marketing Examples for Sponsored Videos

Video marketing has been a dynamic strategy implemented by most competitive businesses for the longest time. Majority of businesses deemed […]

Video Marketing

A General Guide to Social Media Virtual Assistants in Marketing

Every day can result positively or negatively, significantly affecting the business’s online presence. Social media is a landscape that can […]

Social Media Marketing

B2B Video Marketing Strategies for Beginners

B2B video marketing allows organizations to feature their products more compellingly for viewers. This form of marketing not only enhances […]

Video Marketing

 Email Marketing Automation Tools to Use in 2024

Email marketing has proven to be effective in converting leads with minimal cost. There are now numerous strategies for marketing […]

Email Marketing

Top B2B Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

Before discussing this year’s B2B digital marketing trends of the year, it is essential first to discuss what B2B digital […]


Social Media Tips for Successful Mobile App Marketing Campaign

With the surge of smartphone users across the globe, more companies and organizations have opted to create mobile applications to […]

Mobile Marketing