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Leveraging UGC in E-Commerce Email Marketing

Numerous e-commerce brands leverage user-generated content (UGC). This type of content heavily impacts the conversions of e-commerce brands and products due to the influence user-generated content has on their audience. Nowadays, there are numerous platforms for UGC but this article aims on how to leverage this content on your Ecommerce email marketing efforts.

Understanding the Power of User-Generated Content (UGC)

There is a broad spectrum of user-generated content such as, reviews, testimonials, photos, videos, and more. Ever since its rise, user-generated content has heavily impacted consumer trust and purchasing behavior. This type of content focuses on another consumer’s honest views of  a product or service which is why consumers trust it so much. Moreover, publishing this type of content in your marketing efforts helps your brand establish an authentic image.

Identifying and Collecting User-Generated Content

So, how does a brand identify and collect UGC to encourage other consumers to purchase their service or product? One way to do this is by encouraging customers to submit their reviews and testimonials. There are numerous email marketing strategies for brands to utilize and effectively identifying and collecting UGC to incorporate into their emails are one of these.

Incorporating User-Generated Content in E-Commerce Email Campaigns

There are numerous ways to incorporate user-generated content into email marketing efforts and to fully utilize its benefits. According to Insense there are four steps to incorporate UGC in email marketing. 

  1. Show your customers. Professionals in the field can use this by integrating user-generated content published on other platforms. In repurposing and distributing content from other platforms gives your email recipients a more authentic experience. Moreover, it doesn’t only have to be content in texts, marketers can also utilize images and videos (even GIFs!)
  2. Run a hashtag campaign. As mentioned above, it is important for marketers to identify and collect user-generated content. One way to efficiently do this is by running hashtag campaigns so all related content can be found in one place. Brands can send out emails with the hashtag campaign for consumers to share their content with.
  3. Use customer testimonials. User-generated content heavily relies on customer experiences and reviews. Brands who repurpose and distribute this type of content establish social proof and trust with their consumers since they are sharing previous customer reviews and testimonials. 
  4. Have your followers subscribe to your email list. Repurposing content from other channels is not the only way to incorporate UGC into your email marketing efforts. Marketers can also invite your recipients to subscribe to your email list through user-generated content.

Building Trust and Social Proof Through UGC

User-generated content is significant in establishing social proof for products through showcasing raw customer experiences and success stories. This measure shows other consumers that the brand values genuine reviews of their products or services that builds their trust in brands. Furthermore, incorporating user-generated content builds valued trust and credibility for e-commerce brands.

Creative Interactive UGC-Driven Email Experiences

There are several ways for e-commerce brands to boost their sales through email marketing. Numerous email marketing templates are accessible online to help marketers increase sales. This form of marketing gives consumers a personalized experience that helps establish their brand loyalty. Incorporating interactive elements in emails through UGC is another strategy marketers can use like gamification and contests through user-generated content.

Encouraging and Rewarding UGC Contributions

In ecommerce email marketing efforts, marketers can implement an incentive and reward program for consumers who contribute to user-generated content efforts. There are plenty of encouraging and rewarding user-generated content campaigns that have proven to be successful. An example of this is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign where coke bottles around the world showcased individuals’ names instead of their logo. This prompted consumers to go to stores in their areas to look for bottles with their names on it and share their experiences online. 

Final Thoughts

User-generated content can positively impact ecommerce email campaigns by building a solid foundation with recipients and consumers. Brands can benefit from the expertise of email marketing specialists in their e-commerce email marketing efforts. Moreover, incorporating UGC into these marketing efforts can be advantageous to brands in raising awareness, conversions, and other metrics. 

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