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eCommerce Email Marketing Templates to Boost Your Sales

Marketers, especially Email Marketing specialists, know how important having a well-curated email and email design ensures effective and successful email marketing. To help you boost your sales, you need to know four great eCommerce Email Marketing Templates that you can use for your relevant, and customer-centered campaigns.

Email Marketing is one of the most critical parts of eCommerce Marketing. It helps you connect with your customers, and gives your business an opportunity to grow. For instance, its Email Footer can provide various interesting details!

eCommerce Email Marketing Template Examples

1. Welcome Emails

Building a good rapport with your audience is vital in any marketing strategy, especially Email Marketing. So, to help establish that connection, it’s important that you send them a welcoming email.

This is the first kind of eCommerce Email Marketing Template on this list. You mustn’t skip this step since this introduces your subscribers or audience to what they can expect from the email or product/service subscription.

More than that, your audience also expects it. After subscribing to a new newsletter, 74% of email subscribers anticipate receiving a welcome email. This helps you set an expectation for them, and to make them further feel welcomed and happy. You can even offer them promos or discounts when they receive their welcome emails.

Here are some examples of a good welcome email:

Source: GetVero, OptiMonk.

As you can see, AirBnB’s welcoming email sets the tone of what they have to offer. They have a nice welcoming message, and they let them discover what next to do next.

On the other hand, Ann Taylor’s lets their subscribers feel welcomed by giving them discounts on their first full purchase for their shop. It also introduces the next step that you should make sure of, which is to let them complete an action.

It can be any of the following:

  • Complete their profile
  • Log in to their accounts
  • Make a purchase
  • Complete a task or action

Whatever that step may be, it must deliver value. This type of eCommerce Email Marketing Template is their entry way to your business so make sure it’s welcoming, but avoid making it sound demanding.

This will let them feel happy and fulfilled while also giving you a better chance at traffic, promotion, and conversion.

2. Promotional Email

This then introduces us to the next eCommerce Email Marketing Template, the promotional email.

While welcome letters introduce subscribers to your brand and encourage their initial purchases, promotional emails are intended to increase sales. New subscribers are encouraged to make their first purchase by your promotional mailings.

However, there are different types of promotional emails. It can either be:

  • Limited-Time Offers
  • Sales Promotion Emails
  • Subscriber-Special Offers
  • Product Launch Emails
  • New Arrival Emails
  • Seasonal or Holiday Campaigns (Such as Thanksgiving Emails!)
  • Giveaway Emails

Here are some examples of a good promotional email.

Source: Drip.

3. Cart Abandon Emails

Another type of eCommerce email marketing templates is cart-abandon emails. These types of email help remind your audience of their unfinished purchase or for people who have items left on their carts. In fact, the average global cart abandonment rate is 76.9%, so sending them this email helps complete the transaction.

A reminder and an incentive, such as a discount coupon, or free shipping, are usually included in these emails. You can also add reviews when sending these to them to add credibility to your products.

Examples of it are the following:

Source: OptiMonk.

4. Transaction Emails

Now that you’ve established and increased sales with your emails, the next step is to think about the emails you need to send after your customers have made their purchases. These are what Transactional Emails are for. This kind of eCommerce Email Marketing Template is sent after a customer completes a transaction, and these usually indicate either of the following:

  • Order Confirmation Emails 
  • Shipping Emails

Because most consumers expect to get a confirmation of their order or shipping, these emails have incredibly high open rates of 80-85% compared to promotional emails.

One example of this is this email from Blue Bottle.

Source: OptiMonk


There are many kinds of eCommerce Email Marketing Templates, but these four are some of your basic foundations to drive more sales and rapport with your customers.

If you are having a hard time creating one though, or if you are still new, there are companies like Really Good Emails who can help you create and manage your email. Really Good Emails for example has a fantastic email selection that provides quality design that helps boost the kind of campaign you need.

Either way, whether you subscribe to these types of email services or create your own, there is one common variable among it all. It’s to ensure that you constantly update and communicate with your audience, subscribers or customers. This helps drive sales and credibility to your customers, especially when it’s an update about their orders.

Having a good communication line with them also builds your reputation, increases their return on the website, and many more. Create your own Email Marketing Template now and connect with your audience! Grow with connection, connect with your growth.

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