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Wix Email Marketing: Wix’s Best Tools that You Can Use

To have a successful Email Marketing Campaign for your business, you need to have the right tool. One of the platforms that gets this right is Wix. And listed here are three of the Email Marketing Tools Wix uses for their Marketing Campaigns, that you can also use for your brand and business.

What is Wix?

Wix is known for being a cloud-based tool that helps you build your online presence. It gives you the freedom to create high-quality websites for free.

So, it allows you to customize your site, add advanced features like accepting bookings and orders, and even create a personalized plan to optimize it for SEO. 

A lot of newly established businesses and creators start with Wix. This is mostly because of its easy-to-use UX/UI design. Also, because of its wide array of professionally designed templates, they can meet your business’ needs.

What Email Marketing Tool Does Wix Use?

Despite being a website-building platform, Wix recognizes that growing your business doesn’t stop the moment that you create your website. In in fact, that’s when everything begins.

In 2020, statistics recorded that about 306.4 billion emails were sent and received per day. But despite these numbers, about nearly 85% of them are considered spam.

This is why businesses love to use Email Marketing Tools for a successful Marketing Campaign. Even eCommerce businesses need to apply tailored Email Marketing Templates!

Listed below are three of the best free Email Marketing Services that you can use for your Wix Website.

The Email Marketing Tools Wix Uses

Wix Email Marketing Tool

email marketing tools WIX uses

Source: Wix.

We’re starting the list with their very own Email Marketing Tool! Most people know Wix as a website building platform. But not a lot of people know that they also provide email campaign services. This is the best option for easy and direct integration of your website into your Email Marketing Campaign.

Wix Email Marketing Tool is an innovative, advanced application. So, it enables you to select from a myriad of templates and gives you the option to import your existing campaigns.

Additionally, their free plan includes giving you the option to create three different email campaigns. You can send emails to up to 5,000 of your clients/customers. There are three categories that you can utilize:

  • thank you emails;
  • regular updates; and
  • sales and promotions.

Thus, if you choose to utilize all three, then you can send approximately 1,600 emails per category with a limit that is updated every month. Also, their key features include:

  • Intuitive Email Editor;
  • Time-Saving Email Automation; and
  • Advanced-Data Analytics;

Lastly, they also offer free resource materials that you can read and learn from. These include topics that cover email marketing, drip campaign, Marketing Automation, and more.


mailchimp email marketing tool

Source: Mailchimp.

Another one of the email marketing tools Wix uses is Mailchimp. This platform has been around for quite some time now. Of course, it’s been constantly refining its services by improving its features over the years.

Mailchimp is the perfect website for small businesses, starting creators, bloggers looking to promote their websites and brands.

Thus, its key features include the following:

  • Email Automations;
  • Predictive Segmentation;
  • Wide Selection of Email Templates; and
  • Basic Reporting Analytics & CRM Features.

With Mailchimp’s free plan, you can create an email list of up to 2,000 clients/customers. And it gives you a monthly quota of 10,000 emails to send to both potential and existing customers.

The best part about Mailchimp is that it offers the choice to pay for its services monthly — if and when you need them.

Additionally, you can also opt out of any add-ons as soon as you feel they’re not required by your business anymore.


tools for email marketing WIX website

Source: Sendinblue.

If you want to opt for a more sophisticated Email Marketing Service that is still free to use, Sendinblue is your answer.

Its user-friendly interface means that even if you don’t have any prior coding knowledge, you can design attractive Email Campaigns for your target market. This is one of the best Email Marketing Tools Wix uses, so you, too, can use it for your Wix website. 

If you’re looking for a tool that can give you a large email list, Sendinblue is the one for you.

After all, their free plan lets you send up to 9,000 emails per month, with a daily limit of 300 emails. In addition, it’s perfect for beginner creators and startup businesses. Thus, if you choose to upgrade and subscribe to their plan, their features include:

  • No limit to your mailing list;
  • Transactional Email Service (included for free plans too);
  • Professional Email Templates for marketing;
  • Offers SMS Marketing;
  • Marketing Automation; and
  • Segmentation & CRM.

Additionally, their paid plans also offer easy-to-understand advanced analytics like A/B Testing.


Each tool we listed here comes with its pros and cons. So if you’re looking for a new Email Marketing Software and don’t know how to start, just relax. Take a look at the tools we’ve compiled, choose the one that meets your needs. Then, create your campaign and add in leads.

The sky is the limit, so start your journey with Wix and with the Email Marketing Tools that they use now.

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