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Email Marketing Specialist Expertise & What They Can Do

Isn’t it crazy how we engage with email daily? Imagine, in 2022 alone, 333.2 billion emails are expected to be sent and received per day. It’s crazy to think about but, at the same time, astounding. So, you need an Email Marketing Specialist to increase the effectiveness of your Email Campaigns.

Unfortunately, sometimes, when we receive emails, we call them spam. Thus, we ignore most emails, but there are other times when the message can be so hard to resist that our curiosity gets the best of us. 

As a result, it leads us to eventually open the email, read it, and possibly give in to the message’s offers. So, that’s why email is one of the primary channels for lead generation for 89% of marketers.

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The message you sent out to your subscribers or possible interested clients often leads to conversion, thus increasing your traffic and sales. First, however, you need to understand how emailing works and how to create well-written email marketing ads. Furthermore, your ads should describe your offer attractively to entice your customers. 

And it can be challenging, but this is precisely where an Email Marketing Specialist comes in. 

In this article, we will you through everything you may need to know about them and why you’ve got to hire one.

Email Marketing Specialists: The Secret Ingredient to Top-Quality Emails

An Email Marketing Specialist works exclusively with emails to build and nurture leads through written communication. Their work focuses on the entire cycle of Email Marketing! Of course, this includes creating a database of leads, sending prospects and customer emails, and nurturing these emails until they purchase a product or service.

Such professionals are usually tasked with:

  • Creating and monitoring a wide range of Email Marketing campaigns;
  • Ensuring that email designs and layouts are optimized for different devices;
  • Proofreading emails before sending; 
  • Testing and editing the emails as much as needed;
  • Optimizing email sign-ups and their opt-ins;
  • Managing Email Lists (This includes compiling and purging your list);
  • Securing email database for future campaigns;
  • Sending graphics requests to the designers to match the content of the email;
  • Creating digital advertisements and placing product orders;
  • Following up on emails;
  • Tracking and analyzing the results of your email campaign; and
  • Contributing to additional Digital Marketing efforts.

These individuals are vital to your team, especially if you’re an eCommerce business. After all, Email Marketing is a Return On Investment-boosting marketing initiative. As a result, Email Marketing Specialists are valuable because they can drive ROI in the most direct way possible. They create promotions that drive brand campaigns and increase traffic. 

Thus, they solidify your position in a competitive market and ensure that your brand sees results in the short and long term. But, aside from that, Email Specialists also know how to best use Marketing Automation Tools and identify critical Key Metrics. These are necessary to boost or improve your current campaign and thus create better strategies for future ones. 

Here are more reasons for hiring a specialist:

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Benefits of Hiring an Email Marketing Specialist

1. They Offer Both Experience and Insight.

An effective Email Specialist is not just a service or email content provider, but they’re also reliable consultants and guides. As a result, they’re instrumental in driving your Return On Investment. They not only assist you in identifying opportunities in your Digital Marketing Strategy, but they also guide you with turning opportunities into consistent long-term growth. Finding a good Email Specialist with years of experience can help boost your company’s progress.

With such a specialist, you’re not just battling in the dark, randomly shooting arrows in a pointless direction in hopes of sales. Instead, they point you towards your target. 

2. They Help Lower Email Bounce Rates!

Aside from that, they also help lower your Email Bounce Rates. Email Marketing Experts know the ins and outs of Email Marketing. They study the trends and analyze your data to ensure fewer “bouncing” emails in your campaign.

Reminder: A reasonable Bounce Rate for your email is 2% or lower.

3. They Know Where to Best Invest.

There are many Email Marketing Solutions today, and it can be challenging to identify which solutions are suitable for your company. Deciding will usually take you weeks and weeks. However, having a specialist on board can save you research time. After all, they have the skills and expertise to assist you in determining the platforms to invest in.

4. They Know How to Personalize and Communicate with Your Audience

Email Marketing Experts will assist you in leveraging the full scope of your customer data to speak directly to their wants, needs, and interests. This is highly important, especially in email campaigns. Of course, emails with personalized subject lines deliver a 600% improvement in your transaction sales.

The emails with personalized subject lines are also more likely to be opened, considering their 26% open rate.

5. They Know How to Build Email Automation Properly

Here’s the thing: Email Marketing Automation is your ticket to sales growth. It provides another channel for connecting with your audience, leveraging data to send and connect messages. 

Using automation, you may lead your prospects and clients through the buying decision-making process. In addition, you can send resources that help them learn about your business and products in the early phases.

As a result, Email Automation boosts brand and product awareness. So, these may lead to your customers following you on your different accounts, including websites and even Social Media.

6. They Create Effective Segmentation

Lastly, Email Marketing Specialists know how to create an effective segmentation that allows them to understand customers fully. Thus, they can make more compelling content built and centered on your audience, especially concerning who they are and what they want.

This segmentation is usually divided into four categories:

  • Geographic Data (Location, language, population, etc.)
  • Demographic Data (Age, gender, income, life stage, etc.)
  • Psychographic Data (Lifestyle, values, concerns, attitudes)
  • Behavioral Data (Engagement data, buyer stage, benefits desired, etc.)

An Email Marketing Expert uses data from these various categories to segment your lists. So, you can deliver personalized marketing materials that address customers’ top concerns and needs. The more detailed your segmentation, the more effectively you can communicate with your customers. 

As a result, part of an Email Marketing Specialist’s job is to identify ways for companies to use more data and collect more data. 

With these, experts can properly create an effective campaign. So, you can use it to boost your traffic, ROI, and relationship with your customers. 

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Interested in Becoming an Email Marketing Specialist?

Here are some requirements and skills for becoming an Email Marketing Expert.

1. A Bachelor’s Degree in any of the following:

  • Marketing or Digital Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Graphic or Web Design
  • Digital Communications

2. Preferred background on the following:

  • Marketing Research
  • Analytics
  • Customer Service
  • Email Marketing Software/Tech
  • Email or Business Writing

3. Skills and Qualifications including:

  • Strong and efficient writing skills that can attract customers/clients
  • Hands-on experience with HTML and other content management systems
  • Proficiency in Marketing Automation Technology
  • SEO/SEM and Google Analytics expertise
  • Knowledge of analytical and database tools 
  • Outstanding written communication and copywriting abilities
  • Ability to work under time pressure

Having a Google Certification will also give you a competitive edge when applying to different companies, especially those in the Digital Marketing field. 

Whether you have all these or are still building your knowledge to fit these qualifications, remember to be open to learning. After all, Digital Marketing is a field that constantly changes. Thus, learning and adapting quickly is an excellent advantage.


And so, this is what you need to know about Email Marketing Specialists. Of course, this can help you decide whether to welcome one to your team or become one yourself.

With the variety of experts and their many talents, Email Marketing Experts can offer a lot. They don’t just help you build quality content but also your brand and business.

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