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Your Mobile App Target Audience and How to Reach Them

To ensure better results, all Digital Marketers must define their intended audience. The same applies to Mobile Marketing Specialists who want to advertise an application. So, marketers must determine and reach their Mobile App Target Audience.

Companies need to target their marketing efforts toward the right audience to boost conversions or sales. Thus, you must find the consumers most likely to understand your brand and purchase your products or services. After all, your Mobile App can answer the needs of a particular demographic. So, your marketing efforts should let that demographic know about your app!

But there are plenty of Mobile Applications available already. For example, there are 3.55 million apps on the Google App Store. Mobile Marketers want to ensure that their app stands out from others.

Fortunately, a Mobile App Marketing Plan will require you to tailor your efforts to your target audience.

How to Define Your Mobile App Target Audience

Your customer base is the entire reason you create a Mobile App. Thus, it’s vital to keep your intended demographic in mind as you build your application, then add it to the App Store. 

mobile app target audience

From there, you need to continue communication with your target audience or users and use your Marketing Plan to get their attention. In addition, you can make changes to the app depending on their feedback, thus improving User Experience.

But, by defining the perfect target market, you can achieve the following:

  • A better understanding of your audience;
  • Improvements or developments for your app;
  • More efficient use of your budget; and finally
  • An improved reputation and customer loyalty.

However, before launching your application, you must settle on the ideal target market to continuously engage with them. As a result, companies must learn who can benefit from using their app. 

So, here’s how to define your app’s target market:

Start by Doing Market Research

Research is critical for any Marketing Strategy — the same is true for Mobile Apps. Researching your target market can help your app reach its full potential. By examining market demand, you can predict your app’s potential performance.

market your smartphone application to a demographic

Thorough market research involves the following:

  • Analyzing and interpreting information concerning your target market, including its characteristics, needs, habits, locations, etc.;
  • Researching the Mobile App your business will offer the market; and
  • Checking what competitors are catering to the market.

Thus, a company gains relevant insights on how to solve the challenges the app may face. In addition, it’s critical to define your target audience, as it can help you with Audience Segmentation. 

So, Mobile Marketers must get statistics and data on the target market and find current and future industry trends. Also, it might help to go to forums like Reddit and Quora to find questions related to the niche your app caters to.

Figure Out Your Apps’ Value Proposition

You must answer the question, “What is the value of your app?” and use the answer to attract potential users. So, Mobile Marketers must put their app’s advantage front and center. 

mobile app target audience

Here are a few audience factors to consider:

  • The characteristics of your target demographic. Examine their age groups, genders, education, socioeconomic status, etc. 
  • The intended audience’s geographic location. You can group your target audience according to areas, including regions and cities.
  • Their behavior or interests. For example, it’s vital to know how often people use your app.
  • Their devices. Learning the devices your audience will use is critical, as it plays into how your app will look on their screens.

Check on Your User Base

Firstly, you must examine your current user base while thinking like your audience. Then, you can check your business site’s Google Analytics

Alternatively, you can access analytics from relationship management systems from Landing Pages, Social Media Networks, live chat, etc. 

Your analytics can offer valuable insights into your app users. Also, you can use the data to answer the following questions:

  • What problems does your Mobile App solve?
  • Who does your app help?
  • Who will want to download and use your Mobile App?
  • How can someone use the app?

Examine the Consumers Using Competing Apps

market your smartphone application to a demographic

It’s also vital for companies to take a look at the competition — particularly your rival businesses’ customers. So, check out user reviews of rival applications, and see what users are saying about them. It can provide excellent insights into the dos and don’ts of creating an app. 

You can also examine their marketing strategies and Digital Marketing campaigns on Social Media. Then, you can use excellent, eye-catching Mobile Ads Formats.

Create a Buyer or User Persona

A Buyer Persona, or rather, a User Persona involves creating a characterization of an ideal consumer based on existing data of your target audience. Creating such a persona is critical for your Mobile Marketing Strategy. Moreover, the Marketing Insider Group found that 93% of businesses “that exceed lead and revenue goals” segment their databases by User persona.

Depending on your app and the created persona, you can target your marketing to one or more demographics. So, settling on a User Persona is essential for defining your Mobile App Target Audience.

Do a Competitor Analysis

Competitors will always exist in any market, so you must determine how much competition you might run into. Thus, if you’re a smaller or newer company, you should avoid larger or more competitive markets.

You can discover your ideal audience by focusing on your consumer base’s needs. As a result, you can create products or services based on those needs. But first, you must find how to create a demand and make a place for yourself in the market. Thus, Mobile Marketers must conduct a Competitor Analysis for Mobile Apps and choose a particular target size.

mobile app target audience

The top four strategies to determine a target market include:

  • Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy. Also known as Whole Market or Mass Marketing Strategy, it’s applied to scenarios when the market is homogeneous. So, you don’t have to choose a particular demographic or segment.
  • Differentiated Marketing Strategy. Alternatively, it’s known as the Multi-Market Strategy. Here, you have more than one intended market segment.
  • Concentrated Marketing Strategy. Otherwise called the Single Segment Strategy, the market is segmented, but only one is targeted.
  • Narrow Segment Marketing Strategy. This is also called the Niche Marketing Strategy, where you target a particular market segment.

Find the Ideal Buyers in Real Life

After building up your ideal prospective customers, you must attract their real-life counterparts. Then, you can seek them out by hosting events, competitions, webinars, and more. 

Also, consider using SEO Strategies to get the attention of your Mobile App Target Audience. Google can help your audience find your app almost instantly! After all, 27% of search engines are responsible for making people aware of Mobile Apps. 

Revise Your App’s User Personas

Once you’ve found your real-life target audience and released your Mobile App’s first iteration, you can refine your criteria. In addition, customer feedback from various parties can help you improve your app. So, you can gain suggestions from the support team and user reviews. 

market your smartphone application to a demographic

User engagement analytics can also help you by providing information on these factors:

  • Average Session Length;
  • Conversion Rate;
  • Cost Per Acquisition;
  • Retention Rate; and
  • Number of Downloads.

These channels, plus your existing User Persona Profiles, can work together for you to create a complete picture of your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Marketers must create a plan to advertise their app well-tailored to its functions. However, before a company can create a secure Mobile Application, it must find an ideal demographic to target. Moreover, there’s plenty of competition on the Google App Store alone. Therefore, it emphasizes the need for defining and reaching out to their Mobile App Target Audience. 

You must use Mobile Marketing Tactics for your target audience to increase your installations and revenue. This involves market research to determine the right demographic or demographics to target. Additionally, you can create User Personas or a simulation of your ideal customer.

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