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Types of Mobile Ads and Formats to Use in 2022

In 2021, Statista reported that there would be 4.66 billion active mobile internet users worldwide, indicating that most users go online daily through mobile web or in-app. Such a figure should be enough to encourage business owners to maximize using mobile marketing. Here are the types of mobile ads and formats businesses can use to boost their mobile SEO.

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Types of Mobile Ads

There are two categories of mobile ads: standard mobile ads and mobile rich media ads. This section of the article will discuss the various types of mobile ads under each category.

Standard Mobile Ad Formats

ONE: Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile banner advertising is the most popular format due to its ease of use and potential for higher CPMs. Mobile ad banners are typically displayed in static ad units at the top or bottom of the device’s screen.

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Mobile banner ad sizes vary, but the most common banner sizes for smartphones are 320×480, 300×250, and 320×50, and for tablets, 728×90, 768×1024, and 300×600. So, if you want to increase your brand’s visibility among potential customers at a reasonable cost, you can start with mobile banner ads.

TWO: Native Ads

Native advertising on mobile comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. This type of mobile ad is user-centric and organically fits into the context of the place where they appear. As a result, this format is considered relevant information mixed in the flow, increasing the likelihood of the ad being clicked on.

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Moreover, because native advertising mimics the appearance of the contextual environment, its sizing may also be inherited. However, it may be more challenging to access demand. Therefore, it may be better to try 320×480, 300×400, or other standard sizes.

THREE: Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video ads are represented by pre-, mid-, or post-roll videos that appear in the appropriate place of the video. Smartphones should be 320×480 or 480×320 in size, and tablets should be 768×1024 or 1024×768. In addition, 320×250 sizing is appropriate for outstream videos. Note that a typical mobile video ad lasts 15 to 30 seconds. 

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Moreover, it would be best to consider the growing popularity of shooting vertical video, especially for social media use. As such, it is best to try and experiment with your mobile ads using horizontal and vertical video formats.

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Mobile Rich Media Ads

FOUR: Interstitial Ads

A mobile interstitial ad is a full-screen advertisement that can be interactive and is displayed at transition points. These transition points may include the following instances: when the app is loading or closing, when the user is in-between game levels, or when the user attempts to switch sections in the app.

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Moreover, advertisers no longer have to worry about incorrect click-throughs because interstitial ads appear in between pages only, without interrupting the user. The most common interstitial sizes for smartphones are 320×480 and 480×320. For tablets, you may use the 1024×768 and 768×1024 formats.

FIVE: Mobile Swipe Ads

Mobile Swipe ads are incredibly versatile and helpful in engaging an audience. You may use them in various ways, such as highlighting a product, demonstrating its use, or performing a product tour. 

Mobile Swipe Ads
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Using a mobile device’s habitual interaction (swiping), the mobile swipe ads format encourages users to swipe through the images. Each image appears as a single ad unit with a link to its landing page. This type of mobile ad is excellent for online shopping and eCommerce platforms.

SIX: Scratch Banner Ads

Scratch Banner ads are similar to lottery tickets wherein you scratch the shiny upper layer with a coin to reveal a prize. With mobile scratch banner ads, you encourage your users to do the same but digitally. A user will scratch using their finger the banner ad on their mobile screen, which then reveals the image underneath.

Scratch Banner Ads
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Mobile scratch banner ads are entertaining, interactive, and engaging. Thus, they are excellent if you want to provide your target audience with special offers and discounts.

SEVEN: Mobile Cube Ads

Another popular type of mobile ad is called mobile cube ads. Advertisers can use this type of mobile ad to display up to six images and a video on each of the cube’s six sides. In addition, a cube can spin automatically or by swiping, encouraging users to interact with one of the advertising messages. 

Mobile Cube Ads
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Similar to Scratch Banner ads, mobile cube advertisements are also catchy yet unobtrusive. But, more importantly, this type of mobile ad encourages your target audience to interact with your advertisements.

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Try Out These Various Types of Mobile Ads

As you now know, there are several formats and types of mobile ads, with new ones continually emerging. So, try using each of them in your marketing campaigns to see which one works best.

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