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What is Mobile Marketing Automation: An Essential Guide

Mobile Marketing Automation is one of the hottest trends on the market, and for good reason. But what is it and why does it give brands an advantage? This article will explain everything you need to know.

Understanding Marketing Automation

We live in a society where there are few times or places where smartphones don’t exist. This is why Mobile Marketing and Mobile Marketing Automation can made a significant difference, especially in the world of brands and businesses.

Mobile Marketing is an industry that grew over time and will continue to grow. Additionally, Marketing Automation is expected to continue growing at 8.55% in 2022.

Plus, it’s even expected to unlock about $6.4 billion in market capitalization by 2024!

Hubspot states that in 2021 76% of companies used automation. But, the 26% of those who still weren’t using it, planned to or considered it.

In the same way that it’s a growing industry, Mobile Marketing Automation also provides an opportunity for growth. It helps businesses save time and establish themselves to their audience and potential customers.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

what is mobile marketing automation

In a nutshell, Mobile Marketing Automation is a way to communicate with your customers and prospects easier. So, it combines concepts from Digital, Social Media, and Email Marketing through the use of different software, rules, and templates.

Marketing Automation’s goal is to help automate every aspect of your business to save time and money. As a result, you become more efficient when handling your clients! So you can use strategy to track, monitor, schedule and retarget customers via their smartphone and tablet devices.

Using it also allows you to benefit from the following features:

  • Collect and store your user’s demographic profile, preference, etc.;
  • Segment users according to the previously-collected data;
  • Create and build communication templates.
  • Then, customize them to make them more personal and establish a segmented email list;
  • Handle the technical work of delivering those messages; and finally
  • Provide a report, analysis and result of your marketing efforts for improvement.

The Different Types of Automation

There are three different types of Mobile Marketing Automation.

User-Based Automation

This kind of Marketing Automation is about creating a flow that’s automatically triggered whenever users enter, or already belong to a certain segment.

User-Based Automation runs on a schedule for a particular audience base. It’s automated by dividing your total user segment to your total users based on your database.

It then creates a segment on the basis of data characteristics such as in-app events, purchase behavior, app sessions, etc.

Event-Based Automation

Whenever you wish to create and send out your Mobile Engagement Campaigns in real-time, you can use this type of automation. So there’s no need to wait for historical data.

All you have to do is to describe the event that will trigger the automation in real-time. Then, you filter it depending on the basis of user and event properties which will be traced throughout the event.

For instance, a customer buys something at a certain price. Thus, you can then give that user a special offer for their next purchase in an attempt to encourage more spending.

Automations like these can be observed in Email Marketing, especially during the holidays.

Prediction-Based Automation

Prediction-based Automation is a hybrid of Event-Based and Audience-Based Automation. It uses deep learning of customer data (such as behaviour and interaction history) to predict the future actions of users. So it allows for a proactive targeting of customers with specialized offerings and promotions.

These different types of Marketing Automation make it easier for you to promote your business since it extends to different mobile channels.

Mobile Marketing Automation Across Platforms

MMA across different platforms

Mobile Marketing Automation works for almost all different channels such as Push Notifications and the following:

In-App Messaging

Mobile apps are a great platform for promoting products or services. You can immediately notify your users for updates, new offers, etc.

With current automation tools, it is easy to keep track of apps that have more users and place Marketing Campaigns there. Those tools find better display ad opportunities and do a detailed analysis of their effectiveness.

Email Marketing

With emails now attached to mobile devices, it has become even easier to reach consumers with marketing messages. This is great news for marketers!

It’s because even though email open rates are low (about 20%), they are still free. Thus, it makes their return on investment higher than other types of marketing.

Email Marketing Automation allows marketers to take advantage of this. Through it, they can send emails on a schedule. Moreover, different existing platforms and its alternatives can also develop email plans based on consumers’ actions.

Social Media Marketing

The effects of Social Media in marketing speaks for itself. Its service extends to both personal and professional use like networks such as LinkedIn and the new LinkedIn Audios.

This is true for businesses as well. Although keeping track of all your Social Media channels can challenging, automation tools make it easy for marketers.

These automation applications such as Social Media Analytics like Hubspot. It can make plans for posts, conduct a thorough analysis of user interactions, and suggest marketing plans to increase the engagement level of your pages based on previous analysis.

SMS Marketing

Marketers can also benefit from SMS Marketing Automation. You can easily notify your customers with a text!

Automated platforms allow them to schedule campaigns, track deliveries and responses, divide the database into segments and perform other tasks that require a lot of human effort.

SEO Optimization.

Last but not the least is SEO. Of course, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects and channels of Digital Marketing. And automation helps a lot with different Content Marketing Trends and generating the right keywords for SEO.

Aside from that, you can keep track of your analytics, lead generation and other aspects needed for you to optimize your website, Social Media posts, etc.


The world of marketing is constantly changing. But now that you know what Mobile Marketing Automation is, you now have a way to stay on top. After all, it helps you understand your audience and the industry. Plus, it frees up your time while helping you manage your business. 

Are you looking for a new way to engage with existing customers or want to build a new audience from scratch? Mobile Marketing Automation can certainly help lead you to success.

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