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LinkedIn Audio Events: A Portal to your Professional Network

LinkedIn, the leading employment-oriented platform that builds connections and establishes careers for over 800 million people, listed profiles and businesses alike, is taking its step to the next level as they introduce their new feature, LinkedIn Audio Events!

Into the new world of virtual audio connection. 

Ever since the pandemic, there has been a rise in audio-centered content. With it, podcasts and applications like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces started to become more popular, giving us options for digital connection despite the challenge of isolation.

But with the evolving times, this too started to grow. Not just with the hope of maintaining social interaction but also to help create more connections and opportunities. This is especially true for career-driven individuals and job seekers.

Although still in the works, LinkedIn Audio Events gives this very promise. It is a new way of connecting with your professional network allowing you to have live, interactive conversations with people worldwide.

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Source: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn uses an audio format where its users can host virtual events for 15 minutes up to 3 hours. The event looks similar to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Like the two, speakers or hosts are highlighted in a sort-of-stage, separating them from the listeners. However, the latter can choose to interact by reacting, chatting, or raising their hand if they want to speak. Plus, the hosts can invite them in to be a speaker.

The audio experience is linked to LinkedIn users’ professional identities. LinkedIn hopes users will “feel comfortable speaking, commenting and otherwise engaging with the content.”

In the same interview, Jake Poses, Product Manager, also shared that their philosophy is to give control to the organizers. For instance, “to host virtual round tables, fireside chats, and more.” Some might want to adjust the nature of the event. Or, they might want to open the floor to their audience.

“We’re giving professionals interactivity and support,” stated Poses.

Discovering Audio Events

linkedin audio event

As these Audio Events are primarily public, you can easily find them in two easy ways:

  1. Through the search bars. Just click on the search icon and filter it by events. Once you find your desired event, you are free to tune in anytime you want while it is still live.
  1. Through your networks. You may stumble upon an upcoming audio event from a post on your home page. Or maybe you can find it via your Facebook community! If you have an existing network, you can encourage and invite your audience to attend the Events. Fellow LinkedIn users who are beta testers can also invite you by sending invitations through e-mail or chat!

As this is still under the works, only those who are beta testers can invite normal LinkedIn users. Once invited, you will then be notified through your network tab.

How to Register and Join a LinkedIn Audio Event

Joining an Audio Event is as easy as clicking a button. That’s actually all you need to do! Once you’ve been invited to join an Event, accept the invitation by clicking Join. And that’s it. You’re already in, and all you have to do is wait for it to begin. 

Creating an Audio Event is easy too. But, a limited number of LinkedIn users can do so at the moment. Still, if you are one of the lucky testers for this feature, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

  1. Once you are on the Events page on LinkedIn, all you have to do is click Create.
  2. After that, you will need to fill in the necessary details such as Event type, Event name, date and time, description, etc. Once you’ve reached the part where it says Event format, choose Audio.
  3. The next thing to do then is the only thing you can do next: Post it. Doing this automatically creates a one-time post that will appear in your followers’ feed and help people gain awareness about it. LinkedIn shares that before publishing it. However, you need to double-check all the details. You can no longer edit the event once it’s been created.

Social Media Scheduling Tools can help you keep track of your scheduled events.

What makes it different from other audio platforms?

Although it is similar to the other audio platforms, LinkedIn Audio Events stands out because they offer more control to its organizers. They also strive to make introductions and network processing more manageable and convenient by showing LinkedIn profiles during these events. With this new feature from LinkedIn, you can host Question and Answers portions and audio webinars. In general, you can listen to the thoughts and advice of the people that you professionally look up to.

LinkedIn also plans to use its internal data to ensure that it displays the most relevant professional events in the user’s feeds and plans to launch paid ticketing options soon.

Building a network out of your career can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting. Still, with LinkedIn Audio Events, you are not just learning through their speakers. You are growing professionally, too! After all, you’ll be making new connections with the people from your field or career of choice. Thus, you might learn about Content Writing Agencies, finding Local SEO Companies and the like. So join LinkedIn now and get a chance to be invited to audio event talks!

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