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Video Storytelling and Tips on How to Compel Your Audience

Storytelling is one of the reasons why the human race is what it’s today. Yet, even in modern times, storytelling still has the same purpose as another use in marketing: to teach us how to dream and empathize. So how does Video Storytelling differ from ordinary storytelling, and where does it fit in the marketing scene?

Video Storytelling: A Tale Of Modern Marketing

Once upon a time, people used their imagination to enjoy different stories. Nowadays, with the help of technology, we can turn these figments of our imagination into reality. Movies, TV Shows, Anime, and Video Games have become such a staple of our entertainment that we barely notice their impact on our everyday lives.

Storytelling is not a new trend, nor is Video Storytelling. Still, Video Content has seen an upward trend throughout the years. For instance, videos are a marketing tool for 86% of businesses. So, creating Video Content will introduce your brand in the best way. Additionally, 72% of customers would use video content to learn about a product or business, and around 84% of people have said that video content convinced them to buy!

Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling for Your Video Marketing Content

With today’s technology, what used to be in our imagination can be brought to life using the power of Video Editing! Using Video Templates for your Video Storytelling will lessen your burden of finding the best way to convey your story. In addition, a plethora of Video Marketing Tools will ensure that your content will stand out among the rest!

Storytelling works best for getting the attention of the masses because everyone enjoys a good story. Therefore, engaging stories combined with high-quality video editing will be a hit on Social Media Platforms. Furthermore, since many kinds of people use Social Networks or Platforms, the reach of your video will be broad and encompass many communities.

How Video Format Content Enhances Your Story

Video Format Content is the trend for content creation because it can integrate all or at least various forms of content. For example, storytelling, Blog Posting, Photoblogs, and music can all be conveyed in a single video, making it more efficient and entertaining. Also, well-edited videos will always have a high engagement rate since people love watching Video Content, especially on Social Media.

Good Stories Resonate with Social Media Users

The best way to spread your content is to make it appeal to Social Media Users. After all, they tend to share relatable and entertaining content, increasing the reach of your videos. This way, a larger audience will see your content, and it will snowball if they are invested in it.

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Engaging Storytelling: Tips for Setting Up Your Narrative

Although it might seem easy, sharing a compelling story differs from just sharing experiences. Stories are rich in content with relatable characters and plot twists. Stories also convey a message, either as a lesson, a reaction, or implanting a belief.

Effective story writing depends on your goal and target audience. Do you want to share essential family values? Perhaps some heartfelt romantic story? How about a heroic tale of a brother saving his sister from the clutches of evil? Each of these compels a different audience, so it’s essential to get these two factors first when writing a story. 

Build the Cast

Characters carry your story, making them an integral part of it. Therefore, you need to factor in not only their personalities but also how they look, act, and affect the narrative. 

The main character is the focal point of the story. Everything revolves around the protagonist, which makes them the story’s eyes. There may also be supporting characters that support the main character. They’re responsible for character development and changes in the plot.

But, the most crucial factor when creating the main character is how relatable they are to your target audience. Your audience must understand the main character’s feelings to enjoy and empathize with the story.

Set the Story

The story’s setting is the place where the event occurs. It’ll set the stage for the character’s origins, the plot, and the conflict. The setting will affect the course of the story by being something that the main character cannot change.

Famous examples of some settings are magical places, dystopian worlds, a corporate workplace, or something as simple as an ordinary high school. Unfamiliar environments (such as magical worlds) can be exciting, but standard settings are easier to understand.

Plot the Story’s Course

The story’s plot is what the story is all about. For instance, your narrative might involve a high school kid who was bitten by a spider. In addition to your characters, the plot is the most crucial part of the story.

In the case of Video Storytelling for selling your brand, the plot should contain the message you want to convey. For example, it can be about your business treasuring family values or the story of your brand’s hardships that relates to your audience.

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Move the Story Through Conflict

Conflicts in the story are the problems that the characters face. They are obstacles in plot progression. So without one, your narrative will be stagnant without any direction. The plot would not exist without the conflict in the first place.

The importance of conflict in your video shows how your brand will solve the problem. Not only that, but conflicts are also valuable to gather empathy from your audience facing the same dilemma.

Resolve the Problem

Resolution is how the conflict in the story is solved. It also signifies the end of the plot or the start of a new one. Thus, the narrative will move, and a new chapter will begin with a new conflict that might have been the side-effect of the resolution.

Resolution in your video usually means the end of the story or narrative. It’s also generally where the moral of the story is given. Memorably ending your story with the right Call-To-Action is the best approach to leave an impact on your audience.

Video Storytelling

Why Use Video Storytelling For Your Business?

Videos stimulate two senses, unlike other forms of content that focus only on the visuals. Immersion is the most crucial factor in Video Storytelling, which means you have to consider as many senses as possible. With the advent of technology, soon, we will be able to feel what we see digitally with the advancements of Virtual Reality. 

Investing in videos will bring your business much-needed attention. Content that makes people curious becomes the talk of the town. So take advantage of this marketing technique and improve your sales by creating remarkable stories! After all, unforgettable stories can only attract your audience and make your brand more relatable.

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