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Video Content Marketing: The Future of Digital Marketing

In the United States, digital video advertising reached 55.34 billion in 2021. According to Statista, this figure would “increase to 78.5 billion by the end of 2023.” With this in mind, let us discuss why video content marketing is the future of digital marketing.

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ONE: We See Videos Everywhere Online

When was the last time you browsed through your social media and did NOT encounter video content? You can no longer remember, can you? Undoubtedly, video content has dominated online content. Oberloo states that video content will account for 82% of internet traffic this 2022. They add that 85% of internet users watch at least one video online—54% of which see more video content from the brands or businesses they subscribe to or follow.

The figures speak for themselves. Video marketing promises a large market of consumers searching for content. So, it is no wonder why many marketers and business owners use video advertising as part of their marketing campaigns.

TWO: Videos Lead to Higher Engagement

Using video content in your campaigns can also lead to higher social media engagement. For example, according to an article on Forbes titled 17 Stats And Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing, Facebook posts using video content have 135% more organic reach than content that only uses photo content.

In today’s market, social media is crucial for your business. If you get more customers engaged with your content on social media, it means that you have more people seeing your featured products or services. So, we suggest that you already start using video marketing to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

THREE: People Can Easily Share Video Content

People use social media to stay in touch with their friends and acquaintances. They also use social media to find solutions to their problems. Today, anyone with a social media account can easily share video content with their online circle. Wordstream even states that “social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.”

For these reasons, do you see why it is so enticing to use video content in showcasing your products and services to your target audience? Video marketing is the perfect way to tell your target audience what your products and services can do for them. 

FOUR: Videos Help Drive Sales

According to an infographic by Oberloo titled 10 Video Marketing Statistics That You Need to Know in 2022, “73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision.” Another article by Wyzowl titled Video Marketing Statistics 2022 states that “88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.”

We can see how vital and effective video marketing is in driving sales upon studying these figures. Video marketing helps attract and retain customers. As such, the better you are at engaging your target audience, the more you increase the chances of them purchasing your products or availing of your services.

FIVE: Videos Help Create Personal Connections 

Most people today get hooked by something that they can watch, which is why video marketing is effective. However, aside from attracting customer attention, videos are also helpful in creating personal connections with your customers. As such, you should make video content that allows them to relate with you. You can check out these tips to find engaging and compelling content marketing ideas.

You can create tutorial videos, demonstrations, product reviews, and customer testimonials. These videos are perfect because they have that personal touch that most customers are looking for in content today.

SIX: Video Content Marketing Doesn’t Need To Be Costly

You don’t need expensive video equipment or technology to produce quality video content. Today, we have smartphones that we can use to capture a short clip for our video content. What’s more important is the messaging you want your audience to get after watching your video content. Your goal is to make them perform your desired action, such as subscribe to your newsletter, purchase from your website, and the like.

For instance, you can use your smartphone if you want to record a customer review or customer testimonial. All you need is a customer in front of your camera, which will share to your viewers how helpful your brand’s products and services have been. And that’s it! So, no, video marketing does not have to be expensive. It all boils down to your marketing team’s creativity and resourcefulness.

Before you leave, why don’t you check out these video marketing strategies? Then, you can incorporate them into your marketing campaigns to boost audience numbers!

Jessa Geronimo

Jessa Geronimo

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