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Video Marketing Benefits That Grow Your Business

Do you still have reservations about using video content in your marketing campaigns? If so, here are seven video marketing benefits that we know can help grow your business.

Video Marketing Benefits That Grow Your Business

Why Use Video Content in Your Campaigns?

People today prefer watching video content because it can be short, engaging, and measurable. In fact, the number of people who watch videos online has almost doubled since 2018.

For this reason, many businesses use video content to inform their audience about their brand’s vision and goals. They even consider video marketing as the future of digital marketing.

average hours of online video watched per week

Source: HubSpot.

If you head to any social media or networking platform, you will find several brands using video marketing to showcase their products and services. This is because they know that social media is crucial for their business.

Through video content, you can educate your audience on using your products. You can make tutorial videos, how-tos, demonstrations, and the like. You can also share with them what happens inside your company. For instance, you can show them how you make and market your products. You can also feature the people involved in your operations. Through these videos, you can engage with your audience on a more personal level, which can help turn them into loyal customers.

Aside from that, you can use video content to create customer reviews or testimonials. Through these types of videos, you show your target audience and existing customers how your products or services can help them in their daily lives.

Marketers also love using video content in their campaigns because they can easily monitor and evaluate a video’s overall performance, especially audience engagement. They can determine how a particular video performed well or otherwise through monitoring and evaluation. Their analysis can help create better-optimized videos in their succeeding video marketing campaigns.

7 Video Marketing Benefits that Grow Your Business

Here are seven video marketing benefits that will help grow your business:

ONE: Grow Business Revenue

Search Engine Land reports that you can use videos to tell your story, showcase your products and services, and increase brand awareness. Using video also helps widen your social media reach and improve your SEO on YouTube and Google. It also enhances your click-through rate (CTR) in email marketing campaigns. You will eventually see your business revenue grow with all these factors covered.

TWO: Improve Lead Generation

According to a study conducted by Wyzowl, marketers believe that using video content is excellent for lead generation. The study claims that “86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads, up another 2% from 2021 and up 5% since 2019.” Below are the channels/platforms that video marketers plan to use this 2022:

Channels that Video Marketers Use in 2022

Source: HubSpot.

THREE: Address Audience Needs

As mentioned earlier, you can use video content to showcase your products and services. With that said, you can also use video content to address your audience’s needs. First, you can research what their problems are. Then, after determining their needs, you can create videos explaining how your products and services can help resolve their issues.

FOUR: Rank Higher on SERPs

Video content also helps you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). If you create and publish engaging video content on your website, you also increase how much time site visitors spend browsing through your pages. With this, search engines will understand that your website provides valuable content to users. As a result, search engines will rank your pages higher on people’s search results.

FIVE: Increase Site Traffic

Besides positively influencing leads generation, revenue and sales, and audience understanding, video content also helps increase a website’s traffic. For example, Aberdeen Group states in Vidyard that “video users enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.”

Video Marketing Benefits That Grow Your Business Increase Site Traffic

According to Search Engine Journal, you can embed videos on your website to “make the content more appealing.” They add that “each can be used as a resource to point someone to when you’re trying to build a relationship that will lead to a link.”

SEVEN: Increase Conversions

According to research conducted by the Aberdeen Group titled Pardon the Disruption: The Impact of Video Marketing, “video users enjoy 27% higher click-through rates and

34% higher web conversion rates” compared to those that do not use video content in their marketing campaigns.

Video Marketing Benefits Video Files

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