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Instagram Reels for Marketing Your Brand on the Internet

Instagram, one of the top Social Media Platform giants, is now adopting the trending short-video content form by integrating Reels. If you’re using Instagram for business, you’ve undoubtedly seen some Reels. However, the fundamental function of Reels is to be short yet engaging, unlike the standard video format, which has seen a lot of success on most Social Media Platforms. So how do Instagram Reels help with marketing your brand?

How Will Instagram Reels Impact Your Business?

marketing your business with short form content

Reels are short-form video content that can run for 15 seconds up to a minute. In addition, these videos are vertical to fill the entire screen, making them receive more engagement than standard videos by 67%

Instagram recommends Reels more than regular posts, videos, or pictures, making numerous Digital Marketers take advantage of Reels since the Instagram algorithm prefers them. Therefore, you must ride the new marketing trend and start making Reels showcasing your brand!

The Benefits Of Instagram Reels For Marketing

Since short-form videos are all the rage right now, Instagram Reels have garnered a lot of attention from Social Media users. Having many people watch your Reels will help introduce your business to a wide selection of audiences. 

Moreover, Reels don’t require a lot of resources to make since they only run for less than a minute, but it doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality since high-quality videos are always desirable.

In addition, consumers prefer watching videos to learn more about a business, which also applies to Reels. If your Reel is entertaining and liked by many, it might get viral and increase your brand’s Social Media presence!

How To Create An Effective Instagram Reel

instagram reels for marketing

Creating an effective Reel is similar to creating high-quality videos, with the difference of having only a limited time to showcase your ideas, which can be pretty challenging. Therefore, here are some tips on how to create Instagram Reels that people will enjoy!

Avoid Too Much Text On The Screen

Too much text on your Reels will discourage viewers since it’ll feel like you are forcing them to read. It will also make your video annoying to look at since viewers come expecting to see a video, but they get greeted with a wall of text instead.

Instead, make the texts on your Reels short and precise, giving the viewer a general idea of your content. 

Share User Generated Content

User-Generated Content is content made by people unrelated to your business. Sharing this type of content will improve brand loyalty and solidify your community. And having a solid community is the first step in having your Video Content shared across the internet.

Also, people are more likely to trust the opinion of someone not affiliated with the brand. Therefore, paying someone to create fake reviews will damage your brand’s reputation and be a money drain since they contribute absolutely nothing to your business.

Create How-To-Videos

Creating How-To Videos is a great way to increase video engagement. Businesses can leverage tips and tutorials to discreetly advertise their brand while helping their audience solve a problem. Moreover, it will help you connect with your audience, but if they find your tutorial helpful, they’ll share it with people facing the same problems.

How-To-Videos are also easy to create and can be entertaining if done correctly. Not only that, but if you make a fun Reel, you might be able to attract not only those who need a tutorial but also those who are looking to pass some time.

Show Your Business In Action

People love to see things first-hand before making a purchase, for instance. Seeing your product or service first-hand will help change their minds if they already have biases. Video Content is popular for marketers since people can decide what to think of your brand after watching a video.

Show your business in action, and let the people create their opinion giving them the freedom of choice rather than shoving your brand into their faces.

Make It Fun And Entertaining

The best way to create a successful Reel is to make it entertaining. So show your creativity by condensing different ideas into a short video! The best example of this type of content is memes, which have been a massive part of modern culture. 

Memes are entertaining since they are satirical and ironic. However, many businesses that use memes often fall flat since they feel forced and try to be professional.

Use memes by taking advantage of the different situations in your business, good or bad. For example, use it to celebrate milestones with your audience or make light of your failures with your haters!

Instagram Reels Vs. TikTok

instagram reels for marketing

Speaking of the elephant in the room, what separates TikTok and Instagram Reels for marketing use? Instagram Reels was created after the success of TikTok, which has made people compare them a lot due to their similarity.

Type Of Content

Since Instagram focuses on aesthetically pleasing content, Reels also follow the type of content generally seen on Instagram. Meanwhile, TikTok encourages unpolished and organic video content that relates to everyday life.

Variety Of Music

Instagram is strict on its business accounts and the implementation of its copyright policy, which limits the variety of its sound library. TikTok, on the other hand, has a wide selection of music due to its vast license agreements with many artists. Therefore, as long as the song is on TikTok, it’s legal to use.

Age Demographic And Availability

Both platforms have different demographics. TikTok has a younger user base mainly centered around teenagers compared to Instagram. And lastly, TikTok is banned in some countries due to privacy concerns and security issues, with India as the most prominent country on the list.

The Perks Of Using Instagram For Your Business

Unlike TikTok, Instagram content is not limited to just short-form videos. Instagram was originally a Social Media Site for promoting aesthetically pleasing images. However, they have added many different features, including Reels, Stories, and Carousel Posts

Moreover, business-centered features have been added in the form of Instagram Collabs and Insights! Instagram Collabs allow two different businesses, well, to collab with each other by sharing posts that advertisers can link to both brands. Instagram Insights show you the analytics of your content so you can gather data and move your business in a positive direction.

Should I Use TikTok or Instagram Reels For Marketing?

marketing your business with short form content

The best approach to this dilemma is to use both! Having a Social Media account for your business is a massive leap in increasing prospective customers. And though both platforms have significant differences, they still promote short-form videos.

Not only that, but some popular trends on one Social Media Platform can also affect their popularity on the other. In addition, the difference in age demographics is negligible, but the users per region vary greatly. So take advantage of this fact and increase the reach of your content. 

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