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If anyone loves a good laugh, it's Alex. She enjoys video games, anime and manga, and webcomics. Alex is also a lover of writing (and memes)! In addition, Digital Marketing is her new pastime, so she seeks out ways to inject fun into her articles on related subjects.

Strategies for the Best Time To Send Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are used within any modern business to offer newly released products ready for pre-order and reservation. Product launches […]

Email Marketing

Maximizing Reach with Facebook Ads for Small Businesses 

Small businesses ads are a helpful milestone for new, up-and-coming businesses in leaving their mark and presence within the online […]

Paid Search

Hotel Content Marketing Strategies for Traffic and Bookings

Hotel content marketing in the Philippines revolves around proper planning and strategic creation of specific content. It features on the […]

Content Marketing

The Use of Video Content’s Genre In Garnering Different Audiences

A video content’s genre can deliver the message to a specific audience without the risk of giving out the wrong […]

Video Marketing

AI SEO Content: Strategic and Publishing Approach

Today, most modern businesses and content use AI systems to generate specific content. AI SEO content is useful in enhancing […]


Upcoming Potential Social Media Trends in 2024

2023 has revealed several trends and challenges in social media marketing. Social media trends in 2024 are expected to influence […]

Social Media Marketing

Garner Online Exposure by Adding Keywords to Website for SEO

The use of SEO keywords is one major factor that can lead to developing organic traffic in any website. SEO […]


The Inner Versatility of Mobile App Marketing

In the current age, the digital landscape has effectively changed the way people see and approach marketing. Online platforms have […]

Mobile Marketing

The Power of Social Media Posting as Resourceful Marketing Tactics

Today, there is no doubt that social media posts are one of the most influential and popular things to ever […]

Social Media Marketing

The Importance and Benefits of Web Analytics for Small Businesses

In managing small businesses, it’s imperative to evaluate the website’s performance regularly. This evaluation entails the collection, measurement, analysis, and […]

Web Analytics