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Strategies for the Best Time To Send Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are used within any modern business to offer newly released products ready for pre-order and reservation. Product launches introduce a business’s brand-new and anticipated product to the market. From the product’s anticipation to the best time to send email campaigns, it can generate immediate sales and establish the brand identity and its core goals.

Understanding Pre-Order Campaigns

Pre-order campaigns are a strategic marketing approach businesses use to introduce and trigger effective sales of their up-and-coming products and services. The campaign aims to create a buzz or hype around the product and satisfy specific audiences’ curiosity and anticipation. 

Source: McKinsey & Company

Businesses rely on releasing brand-new products to remain competitive and relevant. More than 25% of the business’s total revenue and profit comes from the launch of newly released products. Thus, product launching or knowing the best time to send email campaigns involves careful planning, from assessing the product’s performance to how it should be, which can be done by:

  • Promoting the new products on social media;
  • Publishing advertising videos;
  • Create press releases and 
  • Generate email marketing campaigns

Incorporating Email Marketing into Product Launch Strategies

Email marketing has successfully provided a range of advertising content to clients. They are used as a tactical approach in creating lead generation towards the business. Through email marketing, businesses can advertise their brand-new product ready for pre-order.

Crafting Compelling Offers for Pre-Order Campaigns

Email pre-order campaigns should interest and intrigue the target audience and immerse them into placing a pre-order. Pre-order offers give out a sense of exclusivity and advancement of the latest offer. 

Source: Oberlo

Email is one of the most effective ways businesses deliver fully detailed and comprehensive offers to their target audiences and registered email lists. With 4.3 billion users in total, emails are used to have all sorts of information and offers. The versatility and numerous users make emails perfect platforms for offering limited pre-order campaigns. 

Emails create awareness and provide a sense of excitement towards subscribed audiences. Businesses can create engaging content about new products, special requirements, and call-to-action messaging with emails. A compelling email with pre-order offers would give the audiences the sense that the items are currently limited and cannot be purchased through normal means. In addition, knowing when is the best time to send email campaigns gives additional anticipation to the customers.

Building a Responsive Email List

Marketing specialists should prepare their email subscriber list to ensure the email campaign reaches the right audience appropriately. Through their subscriber lists, businesses can see users who long subscribe to their online business and cater the campaign towards them.

In addition, businesses can advertise the pre-order campaign through their subscribers’ mutuals to bring in new subscribers

Implementing Best Practices for Pre-Order Campaigns

Businesses should plan their email pre-order campaigns by looking into essential factors such as timing and scheduling, anticipated demand, and marketing trends. Companies should carefully decide when they want to release the email campaign. The timing of the season when the product will become increasingly needed is a valuable factor.

Besides the timing, businesses should also consider how high the product is in demand within specific target markets and when the demand is at the highest peak. A data-driven schedule can instill a sense of urgency and anticipation among prospective customers, fostering increased engagement and boosting conversion rates.

Measuring Success and Adjusting Strategies

To measure the success of pre-order campaigns, marketing specialists must evaluate fundamental marketing elements. This process involves scrutinizing email Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which provide crucial insights into campaign effectiveness. Metrics such as email open rates and click-through rates on specific links offer valuable data. Moreover, assessing the number of users who have submitted pre-order requests is essential for a comprehensive evaluation.

Summarizing the Thought

Email pre-order campaigns serve as a valuable strategy for targeting loyal subscribers and attracting new ones with new product releases and offers. The anticipation for the best time to send email campaigns that has been generated during the product launch builds intrigue, and the opportunity to make a reservation through email subscriptions provides the target audience with the satisfaction of securing the item in advance.

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