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Tips for Automotive SEO: A Guide to an Effective Campaign

If you work in the automotive industry, then you already know the importance of a great search campaign. This is especially crucial since 95% of consumers who are planning to purchase vehicles use the Internet as a source of information. So, here are the five best tips for Automotive SEO to improve your website.

Whether you’re a car dealer or a related business in the Automotive Industry, you can tap into both the local area and a global consumer base. Unfortunately, though radio and television can advertise your business, they cost a fair amount of money.

Although Search Engine Optimization can take time to show effects, they’re inexpensive and easy to do. Thus, you can apply cost-effective measures or strategies that ensure that people will find your Automotive business on the Internet all the same. 

What is Automotive SEO?

Automotive Search Engine Optimization is a marketing effort that draws on the core elements of effective Content Marketing Strategies. So Automotive SEO Experts apply those strategies in their field and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, Automotive SEO is a form of Digital Marketing. More specifically, it helps car dealership websites rise to the top of organic search engine rankings. This strategy involves on-page optimizations, Local SEO initiatives, and more. 

Automotive SEO changes the relevancy of web pages or sites on Search Engine Results Pages. To help them rank higher on SERPs, one must optimize things like:

  • navigation links;
  • meta descriptions or meta tags;
  • headlines;
  • content; and
  • keywords.

Thus, we’ve prepared some of the best practices and tips for automotive SEO that you can follow. How you build your website matters, especially when it comes to eCommerce websites. This is true, especially for Automotive Websites.

First Impressions Matter!

More people than ever are online, so more emphasis is placed on Online Marketing over traditional strategies. Thus, as much as possible, your business needs a dedicated website. You can boost your reach further with the help of a Google My Business page.

For instance, the popularity of online shopping has increased dramatically, with more than two billion people making purchases as of 2020. Additionally, with the ability of dealerships to reach potential customers outside their designated market area, your website needs to rank well on Google to stand out from the competition.

As a result, you have to make your site look presentable while also ensuring that you post high-quality content. The goal is to have a website that is designed and maintained accordingly. Thus, you can rank high within Google’s search results.

Thus, if you’re a car dealer or another business related to the Automotive Industry, ensure that you apply Search Engine Optimization practices on your website. 

Here are Some General Automotive SEO Tips:

There are several essential tips to make your website look good. These don’t just apply to desktop devices but also mobile ones as well. 

Mobile devices are crucial since 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop. So, people search for relevant information before deciding to purchase. You can even use tools to test if the site works well on mobile or not.

Additionally, you also need to add content such as blog posts and apply Link Building practices. But, here’s a summary of critical tips you need to follow:

  • Create a good UX/UI design that is easy to understand;
  • Include videos or pictures in your content;
  • Make sure your website is navigable;
  • Test out the refresh rate;
  • On your homepage, aim for at least 400 words;
  • Provide useful content;
  • Create AutoDealer Schema Markup;
  • Include your business details, such as the cities you serve, and contact info;
  • Make sure you get positive reviews from past clients; and
  • Add a search bar and a social plugin to your website.

In the Automotive Industry: Keywords are Your Key

When crafting a strategy revolving around SEO for the Automotive Industry, it helps to know what short- and long-tail keywords to use. Keyword Research can make your dealership stand out from the competition.

You need to target search terms or keywords for each client based on in-depth local market research. So don’t just pick just any set of keywords to use, but instead the ones most relevant to your area. Additionally, they should be relevant to the parts and services that you are offering in return.

So make sure to research, research, and research some more. Study the automotive industry, your particular market, and the trends within that niche.

Incorporate and Optimize For Auto Part Numbers

seo automotive industry

While some auto part buyers know the name of the parts they need, most search by part numbers. Thus, SEO for auto part numbers is critical for anyone selling automotive parts online.

With that, another tip for Automotive SEO is to remember to research the part numbers. Seeing if there is a significant search volume for that particular number helps optimize your site for auto parts.

There are a variety of tools on the web that will pull this data. Also, they can supply longer-tailed keywords that incorporate that part number. As a result, these combinations can capture a much wider net of searchers looking for the same part you’re selling in your inventory.

Also, it’s best to remember to include Vehicle Makes and Models in SEO for Auto Parts. After all, users tend to search for more specific long-tailed keywords that include the make and model of their car.

They might search for “2007 Toyota Camry brake pads and rotors” or a specific phrase related to their vehicle.

Don’t Forget to Claim your Google My Business Page

tips for automotive seo

Source: Google Business Profile.

When it comes to getting your business noticed online, a Google My Business page is a must. After all, it can help businesses, brands, and organizations manage their online presence. So, Google My Business helps drive Local Search traffic to your site and makes your inventory more visible to those in search of a new product or service.

When you’re setting up your Google My Business page, be sure to include relevant details, including:

  • NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number)
  • a category;
  • hours of operation;
  • contact details; and
  • a profile picture and header image.

All the information listed on your GMB page should match the details on your website. As a result, it can boost traffic as people will have an easier time finding your page or dedicated site.

Study and Mine Your Analytics

Analytics are vital for your Automotive SEO efforts. After all, Web Analytics can help your business in many ways, particularly by telling you what’s working and what isn’t. In particular, analytics tells you:

  • who’s visiting your site;
  • where they’re coming from; 
  • what web visitors are looking at on your website; 
  • what’s converting your visitors; and
  • how to make your site more appealing to those visitors.

So a weekly review of your website Analytics will keep you on top of everything, particularly which marketing efforts are working and which should be dumped.

There are tons of websites and Social Media Analytics Tools that you can utilize to track your progress, such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, and many more.


Your Automotive business will thrive in the current digital age if you apply trusted Digital Marketing strategies, such as SEO. Fortunately, these Search Engine Optimization Tips are easy enough to do in-house. 

Overall, aside from these tips listed here, it’s vital to start by understanding who you are as a business. So no matter what field you’re from, you can make a start with these Tips for Automotive SEO. Analyze what you offer and the target market in which you plan to invest your services.

So, plan, research, implement, monitor, and constantly make improvements to your Digital Marketing Strategies. Auto dealers can also tap an experienced SEO Company for assistance. But whatever your methods, you will soon see the results of growth and the budding potential of your business.

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