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Google Analytics’ Updates Can Help Optimize Your Website

If you’re looking to make your business website more appealing, Google Updates can be an excellent option. With Google Analytics’ Updates feature, you can make your website more personalized to you and your audience. It’s also possible to make it more SEO-friendly with these changes. 

What is a Google Update?

Google Updates is a feature of Google Analytics. So, it allows you to automatically send updates about the traffic and activity on your website to Google. Also, this helps you track the progress of your website’s performance. Thus, it’s easy to identify any changes in how people are interacting with your site. 

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What is a Session?

A Session is the key concept that underlies the Google Analytics tracking system. Additionally, it’s what you think of as an “impression” — a visit to your website by an end-user of some kind. So it may be an opening banner advertisement. Or, it could be something more subtle like a link that you drop on your site, or bookmark on their browser. Sessions tell you how many people visited your site during a particular period of time (Session). Also, they can tell you what they did while they were there (Behaviour).

How does your website need to be configured for Google Analytics?

Your website needs to be set up with a “Google Analytics ID.” To get this, go to Google Analytics and sign in with your Gmail address — which you likely use for your Google AdWords account. So this will be a unique, anonymous identifier that you can use to tie all of your sites together and track analysis over time. In addition, if you don’t want to use your Gmail address for any other accounts at all, you can set up a new ID by going to this page. 

Then, copy the code from the box into the text box in your Analytics account. But, if you already have a Google Analytics ID, just delete that one and create another one. Next, give it a name (as long as it’s different from anything else) so that it’s easy to remember what it is later. This is what you’ll use in the example code below. 

google analytics' updates

Types of Google Updates.

Google Analytics’ Updates are an essential part of optimizing your website. Not only do they help keep your website up-to-date, but they also help you improve your Google rankings. So, here are the different types of Google updates, and you can grow your rank SEO-optimised by Incrementors.

1. Panda Update: 

Panda is a Google algorithm that helps to improve the quality of your website by ranking it higher for specific search queries.

2. Penguin Update: 

Penguin is a Google algorithm that penalizes websites that have lots of spammy links.

3. Hummingbird Update: 

Hummingbird is a new Google algorithm that was announced in Sept 2015 and is currently in beta. Of course, it is supposed to improve the quality of websites by including more multimedia content, better article writing, and more user engagement features.

Where to Find and How to Use Updates

Google Updates is a powerful tool that can help you optimize your website for search engines. So, you can use it to improve your site’s content, structure, and layout. Here are three tips for using Google Analytics’ Updates:

1. Use Google Updates to Check for Changes on Your Website

Use Google Updates to check for changes on your website every day. Thus, this will help you identify any potential problems and fix them quickly. It also allows you to monitor how people are interacting with your site.

2. Use Google Updates to Improve Your Site’s Content

Use Google Updates to improve your site’s content. So, you can use it to update your site’s title tags, description tags, and other metadata. Thus, this will help people find your site more easily and boost your SEO score.

3. Use Google Updates to Structure Your Site for Better Navigation and Layout.

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How to Change or Hide Your GWW URLs.

So if you want to optimize your website for search engine visibility and organic traffic, you need to make sure your URLs are correct. Google Webmaster Tools (GWW) allows you to change or hide your website’s URLs. Thus, make sure you use the correct ones when referencing your site on social media and in other online content. 

What are URLs? 

A URL is a unique identifier for a web page on the internet. So, it includes the domain name or IP address of the site, followed by a colon and the page’s filename. For example, the URL for this article is: 


When does Google update URL? Sometimes, the website address on your domain can change. So, for example, let’s say you have www.dynamiclinktechs.com. Then, later on, you buy www.dynamiclinktechs.com. Thus, your static pages will still use the old address as they are linked to that domain instead of yours.

When this happens, you’ll need to update all references to your site’s URLs. So, use this process:

  1. Log into Google Webmaster Tools Click on “Site” at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Next, select “Website” from the menu next to it.
  3. Then, click on “Organic Behaviour.”
  4. Under Resources, click on your website’s name (in this example, Dynamic Linktechs).
  5. Lastly, copy and paste the new one.

What are the Benefits of Optimising your Website with Google Updates?

Google Updates is a free service that helps you keep your website up-to-date with the latest changes and improvements to Google search. So by automatically installing updates, you can ensure that your site is present in the most relevant search results and that it looks its best.

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Here are some of the benefits of using Google Updates:

Your website will appear more consistent and user-friendly:

Google Updates makes sure that all the pages on your website are updated with the latest design trends and usability improvements. Thus, it ensures that your site looks professional and user-friendly, which can lead to increased traffic and conversion rates. Incrementors is a lead generation marketing agency.

You will get better rankings in search engine results:

Updates from Google help to improve your site’s ranking in Google searches. So this means that potential customers who are searching for information about your products or services will find you more easily.

You will stay ahead of the competition:

By automatically installing updates, you can stay one step ahead of your competition. Of course, these updates may include changes to how your site is indexed by Google. Or, new features that you can use to improve conversions or drive traffic.


When you optimize your website, you can make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. You can also improve the overall look and feel of your website. Using Google Analytics’ Updates will help make sure that your website is up-to-date and looks great.

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