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Content Strategy For Travel Industry & Their Pros and Cons

A Content Strategy for the Travel Industry is no different from other Content Marketing Strategies. The reason for this might be that the Travel Industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Merchants took stories with them — tales of foreign lands with different cultures invited people to explore the world around them. 

With the recent happenings worldwide, people want to take their minds off their problems and destress. As a result, international tourism saw an increase of 182% in the first quarter of this year compared to last year, which is nearly double the amount! The big question is how will the Travel Industry strategize its content to help people create their vacation plans. 

Content Marketing is a broad subject that takes into account different ways of how to inform people about what your products and services are. Due to this, many Content Marketing Trends have been made by marketing experts to sell their business! 

Travel Industry Content Strategy: Using Words To Convey Images

The earliest way of enticing people to travel was through stories. So using words to recreate a scenario works best if adequately described. Back then, the famous form of telling stories was through bards that sang songs about their travels. Nowadays, blogs are the modern equivalent of sharing other people’s experiences, with opinions biased toward the writer.

The following tips will help you create travel blogs that resonate with your audience and inspire them to experience your adventures.

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Blog Writing 101: Choose a specific subject

No matter how many experiences you have, choosing just one topic to write about is the best way to attract readers. Although you only select one case to write about for a post, it’s still possible to fully integrate your adventures into your blogs by creating subtopics before reaching the main subject.

This way, people will know the highlight of your travels without getting confused about what topic you’re sharing. Moreover, your blog will also be memorable, which is your goal in the first place!

Headlines: What Your Blog Is All About

A headline for your blog summarizes the entire content of your work. Therefore, what your headline says should be what your content is about. Thus, you should never clickbait your audience. Building trust is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Your business will depend on how accurate your descriptions are. Lying on your blogs will only be detrimental, with no possible merits.

Creating compelling headlines is difficult. Not only will you have to take into account your blog’s content, but also how to rank high on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

But worry not, as online tools can help you automatically generate titles! You might think that auto-generated titles are bad, but their suggestions can be beneficial. So here’s how Content Title Generators will reduce your burden on creating headlines.

Travel Highlights: Using An Image To Tell A Story

Pictures are frozen moments in time. Being able to capture these moments proves that this event happened. These two things are difficult to convey when using only words. The best thing about images is that they immediately share a story after just one look. No need for walls of text to adequately describe a scene!

 The proper term for this type of content strategy is “Photoblogging.” A photoblog differs from a typical blog because it uses pictures more often than words. Though you can also add captions, they’re more of something that describes the moment you captured the image.

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Taking The Perfect Shot: Strategizing Your Travel Goals

Picturesque occasions are very dependent on many variables. But, technological advancements made predicting and controlling some of these variables a simple feat. As a result, nowadays, we’re even capable of editing these photos to change what message it wants to present! 

Researching the subject you want will help you capture that perfect moment. Preparing for every possible scenario affecting your photo will also improve your chances for that ideal occasion. Something photo-bombed your perfect shot? A wide variety of photo editing tools are available to fix that.

Photo editing tools are a godsend for your photo-related problems, but too much reliance on them will make your images unnatural and turn off most of your audience. On the other hand, little to no edits are the best for your purpose of marketing your travels. After all, if your audience knew that most of your photos are edited, they’d surely think twice before believing your travels.

Traveling with your audience: Video format blogs

Making vlogs is one of the most effective ways to promote a travel location. They mix the best of both worlds in photoblogs and essay blogs. Creating video blogs is more tedious compared to the last two Content Types. But in return, the engagement rate is higher. For instance, videos on your Travel Industry site’s Landing Page can boost your conversions by as much as 80%. In addition, the audience can feel the atmosphere through the combination of images and sounds.

Vlogging involves uploading videos to the Internet, so you need a video camera. However, you don’t need a professional-grade video camera. Instead, a good smartphone camera would suffice. But, to create high-quality vlogs, you will always need good video editing skills.

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High-Quality Vlogs: More Than Just Video Taking

The advantage of video format blogs stems from their ability to use sounds to create an even more vivid picture in the audience’s minds. In addition, you can add music to vlogs to invoke emotion, bringing a layer of complexity to a video blog. Once you master the art of editing vlogs, you can attract a broader range of audiences and control what sort of idea you want to project.

Proper video editing is also great for audience engagement. Keeping your content focused on one subject is excellent. But it can only hold your audience’s attention for so long. A high-quality video consists of both quality content and editing. Editing in this context includes color correction, background music, sound alteration, and proper transitions from one topic to another.

The Verdict: Which Is The Best Content Strategy For The Travel Industry?

As for every comparison, pros and cons are the best way to judge the usefulness of an approach. Each Travel Content type targets a different kind of audience. So, they’re used by diverse content creators. 



Similar to writing a diary, you can also put your emotions in a way that attracts readers to experience them. Writing is regarded as a form of art, so blogs are generally considered high-quality. Not only that, but blogs are also transferable to physical documents. Newspaper articles, books, and flyers are such examples. This way, your Travel Industry Content or works can also be immortalized. Then, it’ll hold much more value as time passes. 


A lot of people regard reading blogs as something tiring. Moreover, there are only limited ways one can describe things through words without exaggerating the subject. Furthermore, creating a blog takes a lot of time since you need to transform your thoughts into words. 



Images are more impactful because they create a feeling of something belonging only to that moment. Pictures will leave your audience wanting to recreate that moment to get what they felt the first time they saw your photo.


In today’s age of Social Media, many people post different photos all the time. You won’t be able to avoid being compared to other photographers even when you’re already considered a professional. So, you’ll need hard work to stand out in a sea of digital pictures.



The main advantage of vlogs is the addition of background music. Combining writing, music, and photography creates a dynamic combination that makes the audience feel like they’re part of the video. However, although your audience has been immersed, the feeling of not being there will remain. As a result, they’ll want to experience that feeling, only this time realistically.


Since the main advantage of vlogs is being able to tell a story using visuals, their pros also include cons. Thus, you need much more effort to achieve a high-quality vlog. Of course, this dilemma can be alleviated by working in a group!

Final Thoughts

Creating content for the Travel Industry is kind of complicated. Your goal of making people interested in your travels is challenging. It’s even more of a challenge nowadays, where sharing experiences through the Internet is effortless. Even still, posting your work on Social Media will work wonders. Here are some tips on how you can entice people to share your videos on Social Media networks!

Traveling yourself is the most effective strategy for creating content in the travel industry. Start by traveling to nearby places, highlighting the beauty of your hometown! People would love guides from someone living in that place for a long time. Not only that, but you will also increase your Local SEO.

A lot of people are unable to travel to many places. Make content for these types of people! Not only do they need it, but people who consume your content will also enjoy it better.

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