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Content Marketing Ideas and Easy Ways to Find Them

Other people think that content marketing is overrated. However, the statistics prove otherwise. According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report published in 2021, “82% of marketers actively use content marketing” in their campaigns. They see content marketing as effective. So, let us discuss how you can find excellent content marketing ideas that you can incorporate into your business’ marketing campaigns.

Easy Ways to Find Excellent Content Marketing Ideas

Of course, one great way to find excellent content marketing ideas is to check out your competitors. You can analyze what they are doing regarding their marketing campaigns and adapt their most effective content marketing strategies.

However, there are other ways to help create engaging and compelling content. Check out the following.

ONE: Listen To What Your Customers Have To Say

Your business will not survive without your customers. After all, they are the ones who will have to purchase your products or avail of your services. So, when you are still gathering information to include in your content, why not try looking into your customers as well? Find out their problems. Do they need help fixing something? What can your business offer to help them resolve these problems?

As you may have observed by now, customer interaction is vital in growing your business. You can conduct customer surveys or use social media to research or collect information. Ask your followers or subscribers what they want to see from your company. Seek their comments, suggestions, concerns, and the like regarding your products or services.

Once you have collected enough information, categorize their responses according to repeating keywords or phrases. You will find significant areas of concern (according to your customers). You can then definitely find content marketing ideas on what topic or subject to write. So, provide timely and relevant solutions in your content. For instance, you can answer their questions. You can also guide them through the process of using your products or services. In doing so, you can increase customer engagement. As a result, you help increase their chances of purchasing or availing from your business. Ultimately, and hopefully, they become loyal customers.

Easy Ways to Find Excellent Content Marketing Ideas Listen To What Your Customers Have To Say

TWO: Collect Information From Your Customer Service Team

Aside from directly talking to your customer and getting their feedback, you can also speak to your customer service team. Why? Your customer service team members serve the frontlines in addressing customer queries and concerns. In addition, they deal with your clients daily. As such, they can be a rich source of content marketing ideas.

When you sit down with your customer service team, discuss the questions that your customers most frequently ask. What concerns them the most regarding your products and services? Do they know how to use your products properly? Do they have any misconceptions about your business? These are just some of the questions you can answer in your following content.

You can write individual articles addressing particular areas of concern regarding your products or your business in general. You can also publish a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page on your business website. In doing so, you can provide your customers with short responses to their questions, even before they decide to reach out to your customer service team. In the end, the FAQs page will be of great help to your customer service team.

Aside from a FAQs page, you can also create landing pages for significant areas or topics regarding your business’s products or services. For instance, if you run an IT and business solutions company, you can create dedicated landing pages for your business applications development services, web design and development services, web security solutions services, digital marketing services, IT software and hardware support services, and the like. Doing so allows you to inform and educate your customers. It also helps reduce the chances of repeatedly answering the same query or concern.

THREE: Go Through Your Existing Published Content

Another area where you can find excellent content marketing ideas is through your already existing content. For instance, you can go through your online articles, press releases, news articles, video content, and paid ads. Find out which of these pages or posts have been most effective in achieving their respective goals. Determine which topics garnered the most number of views or clicks.

It will also help if you determined which of these published content rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). You will know which product or service gains the most attention from your target audience from this.

After identifying which topics attracted your target audience the most, you can create follow-up or related content. For example, if you published a high-ranking article on “content marketing tips and tricks,” you can create a follow-up article on “content marketing trends in 2022.” Do not forget to link your articles so that your readers or site visitors can better navigate through your web pages.

You also have the option to repurpose those high-ranking content. For instance, if you have an article ranking high on SERPs, you can create a video or infographic out of it. To increase brand awareness, site traffic, and conversion, you can then share these repurposed content on various social media and networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like.

Aside from determining which content performed best, it would also help to look into those that did not do as well. Identify those whose bounce rates are high. Find out why. Perhaps, the content was not as optimized as the others? Maybe it contains outdated or irrelevant content? Tip: Keep your content regularly updated. 

Easy Ways to Find Excellent Content Marketing Ideas Go Through Your Existing Published Content

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