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The Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2022

Timing is everything, especially for social media postings. You may think that this rarely matters, considering how everyone seems to be online most of the time. But you might be surprised at how crucial time is in gaining traffic and engagement. For instance, creating a Blogging Schedule helps you consistently create valuable content. To achieve high engagement rates, you need to learn about the best time to post on social media according to your chosen platforms.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not with the post but with the time.

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Whether you’re running a business, advocating for a campaign, or promoting a brand, time is the one thing to consider. It’s especially crucial when targeting different demographic groups. For example, if you’re gaining less engagement than anticipated, the problem may not be a question of what you’ve posted. Instead, it’s more on when you posted it.

There are different optimal times for each social media platform. But before knowing when to post, you must first identify your content to know where best to post it. Once you’ve done this, you’re free to check which times are the best per platform. Here are a few tricks to help you jumpstart the perfect time for your audiences:

The Social Media platforms and their best times


Facebook is an undeniably popular platform. Given the scale of its reach, it is also one of the most used platforms to do almost everything at any time of day. You can connect with friends, post awareness, sell online, etc. It’s like a mart that is open 24/7, but the reach of its engagement is where it varies.

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Source: Sprout Social.

According to social media analytics, weekdays, specifically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9–10 AM and then back again from Noon to 1 PM, are proved to be the most effective and engaging days and time of day to post. 

This is when people are usually available to check their feed. As a result, they’re most likely to interact with the postings that they see online. 

In an interview by Hootsuite, Social Media Strategist Brayden Cohen shares that it’s best to post early in the morning. Lunchtime is also a good time as it’s “the biggest gaps in [people’s] schedules.” Cohen also shares that just after working hours are good too since this is the time wherein most people catch up to what they missed out on.

When posting on Facebook, it is best to remember to avoid: Posting over the weekends as it has the lowest engagement rates out of all the days.

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When you talk about social media, it’s almost impossible to miss mentioning the glam that is Instagram. It is highly famous for its visual engagements and because of how easy it is to make people see – literally see what you want them to. However, you don’t necessarily have to say much because your photo or video reel will do it for you.

Because of this, it has become a famous hub for brands and businesses to promote and sell their products, and if you’re a brand looking to introduce and market your content online, then Instagram is the perfect social media marketing platform for you. 

And to raise your engagements, it is advised to remember the numbers 11 and 2. 

So, 11 AM and 2 PM on Tuesdays and 11 AM for Mondays to Fridays are the best time to post your content here. However, don’t forget to be mindful of your feed, hashtags, and stay on brand as much as you can.

When on Instagram, it is crucial to note that: Sunday is not a good day to post. Avoiding it at all costs will be good for you and your brand.

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Despite being a platform limiting text to 280 characters on its posts, Twitter is highly famous. This is so because of its up-to-date or even by-the-minute posting of real-time happenings. In addition, its trend searches help users be constantly updated with the current trends. Twitter also studies user algorithms, resulting in their current For You trends. 

While it distinguishes itself as this, Twitter is still a good platform for brands to engage in conversations or mentions. Using witty short-captions and visual presentation helps you gain engagement. So it can allow users to share brand stories with their audience. This is what makes it a good candidate for social media marketing.

The best time to post social media content on Twitter is mostly during weekday mornings at 8 AM or 9 AM, with Wednesday being the best time to post and Saturday being the worst. 

Twitter tweet tip: You can schedule your posts in advance to manage the content that you put out. You can also use hashtags to help users interested in your product or services find you faster. 


Unlike other platforms, YouTube specializes in video creation content. Video Content has become popular, as 86% of businesses use it as a marketing tool. YouTube is considered the second largest social media site next to Facebook. Surprisingly, it’s next to Google as the largest search engine, as some may call it.

Unlike the other platforms, there is no specific best time to post content on YouTube. But, statistics show that traffic spikes during afternoons on the weekdays and late mornings on the weekends. Thus, these are the best times to post.

For the weekdays, it’s: Mondays to Wednesday at 2–4 PMThursdays and Fridays at 3 PM, and the weekends during 9 AM to 11 AM. Boosted also shares that it is generally best to post at 5 PM, as long as you don’t go beyond 9 PM.

One tip is to keep your audiences up to date: Post updates on YouTube. Though the platform mainly centers on video creation, its latest update allows users to post with both text and images. This will enable you to announce scheduled video posts or any announcement you’d like your followers to know in advance. 


Another emerging platform that is currently gaining user traffic and engagement is TikTok. It’s a platform known for entertainment, fun, and trending dances. But this platform, too, is an excellent place to start or promote your brand. 

It uses short or minute-long videos and influencer marketing. Additionally, brands usually reach out to creators to review or promote their products. Finally, it is a platform that offers you a chance to introduce your product or service to your consumers. So, you can make them understand why they should purchase it despite your competitors. 

Unlike other platforms, TikTok videos usually lean more towards witty, sensible, and often heartfelt content, offering entertainment and marketing. 

The best times to post according to data engagement rates analyzed by Influencer Marketing Hub are on: Tuesday at 9 AMThursday at midnight, and Friday at 5 AM.

Tips that will help you create a successful Marketing Strategy for TikTokYou don’t need to have much. All you need is a camera, the timing, your wit, and that’s about it.

best time to post on social media in 2022

When exactly is the best time to post on social media for you?

These are all general times to post on social media to help you start your brand and gain engagement. However, the best time for posting on social media still differs for every brand and every user. So you can use these as your guidelines to start building a brand. But it’s still vital to study your consumer and follower behaviors to know which time best suits you. 

In the meantime, we do hope that this article helps bring and draw your audiences to you.

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