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Local SEO Philippines: Strategies for Local Businesses’ Success

There are numerous strategies out there for search engine optimization (SEO) and this includes local search engine optimization. Local SEO in the Philippines can help your business become more visible in local search results on a search engine. Targeted local searches can significantly help small businesses in their journey to success.

Understanding the Local Search Landscape in the Philippines

Filipino consumers typically search for products and services online convenient to their location. With the increased accessibility of mobile internet, there is a proportionate rise in the number of consumers looking for “near me” products and services.

Local SEO statistics show that four out of five consumers use search engines to find information about local establishments and services. In 2022 there was a 136% increase of “near me” searches from mobile users and 78% of people searching for these businesses visit these establishments within twenty-four hours.

Optimizing Google Business Profile for Philippine Audiences

There is no doubt that Google is a crowd favorite search engine. Google has expanded its services and taken measures to help local businesses with local SEO in the Philippines through Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business.

This feature from Google allows businesses to optimize their business profile on the platform. Google My Business lets these small enterprises share their pin location via Google Search  and Maps. Moreover, businesses can share their photos, offers, and more for consumers to see.

Google Maps marketing occurs when enterprises include their information on their Google Business Profile. This information includes the business name, description, business hours, details about products and services, testimonials, contact information, and more.

Local Keyword Search and Integration

Local SEO boosts small and medium enterprises’ visibility by integrating local keywords. Investing time and resources into local SEO efforts allows potential consumers and search engines to find your business conveniently. 

Google improved its users’ overall experience by optimizing local searches with the search engine prioritizing enterprises closer to the searching consumer. However, this also means that it is a competitive scene and businesses must learn how to compete with other enterprises branching out into local SEO strategies. A good indicator of top rankings is Google’s Local 3-Pack SERPs. This list showcases the top three ranking businesses based on the search.

Building Local Citations and Backlinks

Local citations in the SEO context usually talk about a business’ listings on various websites. These mentions usually appear in online business directories. As a business seeking to thrive in the local SEO scene it is essential to list your product and/or service in a relevant site.

Backlinks, on the other hand, help a business’ website traffic and assist improve search engine rankings. The process of incorporating backlinks is basically through acquiring local website links to increase your enterprise’s visibility.

Content Creation for Local Audiences

Being in the business industry, it is essential to connect with your target audience for them to effectively receive the message. For businesses looking to boost their local presence in the SEO context, it is essential for them to develop content that resonates with their target consumers. Moreover, creating location-specific landing pages significantly impacts a small business’ search visibility.

One way enterprises can create content for their local audiences is video marketing. In today’s digital world, this approach to marketing positively impacts business by attracting customers by letting consumers know their brand on a more personal level. Moreover, this form of marketing has proven to be highly effective by capturing the viewer’s attention in a more effective manner than photos or texts.

At present, there are numerous platforms for video marketing and various forms of content. It is evident that there is a rise in short-form content that allows consumers to get to know the brand and their product and/or service without taking too much of their time.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, local SEO in the Philippines can significantly help small and medium enterprises boost their brand reach and engagement that can hopefully lead to sales and conversions. Small businesses can use technological advancements to their advantage by learning about the strategies to top the local SEO searches and optimizing their online presence for their target audience to see.

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