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Responsive Search Ads and How to Prepare for Them

Expanded Text Ads or ETAs have been in use for a long while. In general, Paid Search efforts have been geared toward ETAs. However, Google is now pushing for the exclusive use of Responsive Search Ads or RSAs, as mentioned in our 2022 PPC Trends article. So Responsive Search Ads have different versions that can help find which combination gains the most attention! In addition, your advertising efforts will significantly benefit from using RSAs. If you need more proof, read on to learn how RSAs work!

Goodbye Expanded Text Ads, hello Responsive Search Ads!

If you’re a Paid Search expert, you might be aware that Google will put a stop to Expanded Text Ads halfway through 2022. So from June 30, 2022, you can’t create or edit ETAs. But unless you remove them, they’ll continue to help your Digital Marketing efforts. So, you can pause and resume your ETAs as you please, but you still can’t edit them. Though, their performance reports will continue to be available! In light of the change, Google “strongly” encourages users to switch to Responsive Search Ads.

Responsive Search Ads

Additionally, Google states that this move will “[make] it easier to show the right message on Search.” Regardless of your feelings on this, it means that Paid Search specialists have to switch over to Responsive Search Ads to contend for the attention of potential customers. And how do you do that? Well, first, you’ve got to learn more about RSAs.

Responsive Search Ads vs. Expanded Text Ads

While diverse channels and methods can serve your business well, sometimes change requires leaving things behind. It’s no less true for Google putting Expanded Text Ads to pasture. Many Paid Search experts will know that one of the best strategies to keep the attention of potential customers is to keep with the trends of the times! First, of course, we have to know what makes Responsive Search Ads so different from its predecessor. So, let’s compare RSAs and ETAs! 

Expanded Text Advertisements’ optimizations

So first off, Expanded Text Advertisements have the advantage of being mobile-friendly from the get-go. Plus, with ETAs, you can easily optimize your display URL. However, optimizations for RSAs are sure to follow since they will become the primary advert type. 

Responsive Search Ads

ETAs and their elements

One Expanded Text Ad requires two description fields, two headline fields, plus an additional headline field. Also, ETAs give you a degree of control over your Paid Search efforts. So, you can track the elements more easily! Plus, you get to share a fair amount of information with users compared to older text adverts. However, the additional headline and second description aren’t always visible.

RSAs and their elements

On the other hand, a Responsive Search Ad requires a whopping fifteen headlines and four descriptions! Of course, Google will shuffle these elements into different combinations. Additionally, Google rotates the elements depending on a user’s search intent. Also, due to this versatility, RSAs perform better than your usual adverts, including ETAs. Additionally, RSAs have higher conversion rates because of the number of elements. Google, after all, will provide results that fit user queries the best! 

However, if your Paid Search efforts are more controlled, RSA isn’t a good match for you. With so many elements, RSAs don’t give you much control over your adverts compared to ETAs! In summary, RSAs allow for flexibility over strict compliance with brand message strategies.

A/B Testing

One might think that A/B Testing is mainly done for email marketing. However, Paid Search specialists used this method to optimize their advertisement performance for a long while! A significant part of RSAs and Google Ads is the rotation. Shuffling the elements to create various versions of advertisements is Google’s default setting! So, you’ve got the option to add multiple advertisements to a single group. Then, Google will report on its findings, so that you can pick the best one for your advertising needs. So, in its way, RSA is already doing A/B Testing!

Source: Google via Search Engine Journal.

Prepare for the RSA reckoning in 2022!

Expanded Text Ads were the most prominent Paid Search ad types on the Internet. However, Google recently announced that ETAs would be stifled. One can still keep their existing adverts but cannot edit them or create new ones. So advertisers can now focus on their Responsive Search Ads efforts!

Responsive Search Ads require several versions of headlines and descriptions, and so Google can take care of shuffling and assembling versions of a particular advertisement. In addition, these versions of advertisements will respond to a Google user’s search queries!

Responsive Search Ads will find the best adverts for your Paid Search efforts. But, you can take it further. So, due to ETAs being more widely used than RSAs, A/B Testing for each doesn’t work the same. Search Engine Journal has more details on A/B Testing for Responsive Search Ads, if you’re interested!

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