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Marketing Your Mobile App: Step by Step

Mobile Applications are one way to cash in on the enormous number of mobile users globally — about 6.64 billion people! So if you’re new to Mobile Marketing, you’re going to need a how-to guide on advertising an app. Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered! This article will focus on marketing your App, well, step-by-step! Our Mobile and Desktop Rankings article states that mobile versions of your sites have many benefits. However, now we focus on Mobile Apps. Unlike desktop sites, they’re self-contained. Also, generally, they’re accessed directly from your home screen. So prepare to pour your efforts into fulfilling these Mobile Marketing steps:

Here’s how you Market your Mobile Application:

Pre-Launch, or the First Stage of Marketing your App

This first stage is the most extensive one as you have to drum up awareness of your Application. Marketing Sales Funnels lead visitors to become loyal customers, so your Mobile App Marketing efforts should attract people to download your Application. 

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1. Decide on your release date.

While we want to be on schedule at all times, setbacks or delays will inevitably occur. In addition, having a release date for your Mobile Application can give you a sense of urgency.

2. Time for some market research!

Mobile Marketing efforts need intel before making any significant moves. Thus, you’ll target your audience better if you know who you’re marketing to!

3. Craft a User Persona.

A User Persona embodies everything about your audience or a particular audience demographic. So, knowing your target audience will boost your Mobile Marketing efforts!

4. Do some Competitive Analysis.

Competition is unavoidable, so this Mobile Marketing step requires some Competitive Analysis. So, what are your rivals doing well? What are they not achieving? Additionally, are there any features you can use to stand out? 

5. Start either a site or a landing page!

Mobile Applications need marketing channels! But, you can start a dedicated site for the App. Or, if you have a website, you can create a landing page. Additionally, you can even build on SEO while doing this!

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6. Conduct Mobile App Marketing Outreach Initiatives.

It’s not enough to promote an app on your socials and business domains. So, contact publications or bloggers to talk about your Mobile Application! Also, you can even get influencers in on this! 

7. Create hype and market your Mobile App on your socials.

Marketing Your Mobile App requires that you attract attention and Social Media is instrumental for this getting noticed! Additionally, you can promote your App with teaser videos on YouTube.

8. Set up your Content Marketing Strategy.

Build up your expertise with your Content Marketing! Also, it’s recommended that you discuss your App’s features while incorporating SEO strategies.

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Acquisition Time!

Marketing your Mobile App doesn’t stop at creating marketing materials! So in this stage, your Mobile Marketing steps aim to acquire users.

1. What’s your Paid Strategy?

Here you can use your best channels for marketing your Mobile Application to display paid ads! But, of course, such ads should be smartly designed and written to help your Mobile Marketing efforts.

2. Market on Mobile with the App Store!

While the Google App Store is necessary, you can also pitch your Mobile App to Apple. It’s best to cover all your bases!

Retain your Mobile App users

In this Mobile App Marketing stage, you need a perfect onboarding strategy. So while you’re bringing in newer users, retaining the App users you already have is critical.

1. Two-Way Communication

Establishing communication is vital for relationships of any kind! The same goes for Marketing your Mobile App. User retention ranges from 61%-74% if you send in-app messages within 28 days!

2. Use Push Notifications

Push Notifications help communicate with your Mobile App users and contribute to your retention efforts. Additionally, they boost the “average 90-day retention rate by 180 percent.”

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Keep it going

The Mobile App Marketing process is far from over, and you need to put more effort into continuing it!

1. Get feedback from your app users.

Your mobile users can help you with the marketing process by giving feedback on the Application. Then, use the feedback to refine the App further!

2. Market your Mobile App more with a Burst Campaign

You need a Burst Campaign to market your Mobile App in this step. So for this Mobile Marketing step, you need an aggressive burst of paid media exposure that attracts potential users’ attention!

3. Get more attention with referrals and bonuses.

Referrals are a great way to apply word-of-mouth marketing! Also, giving mobile users an incentive or Referral Bonus for helping you market your App can go a long way. 

Final reminders!

You have to set goals and stick to them. Marketing a Mobile App isn’t something you can do in a relaxed manner! After all, you need a strategy to execute your plans well. Also, during the advertising, make sure that you put your money where your mouth is. So, promise the features you’re confident in and don’t promise more than you can give.

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