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Local SEO in the Philippines: Adapting to Algorithm Changes and Updates

Local SEO is beneficial for small businesses in the Philippines since it increases the visibility of their products and services to local search engine results. It’s shown that 46% of Google searches seek local information, so businesses with optimized pages will have a higher chance of ranking at the top.

However, since the algorithm tends to update constantly, sticking to one SEO strategy can affect a business’s online visibility in the long run. But with best practices and minor adjustments, organizations using local SEO in the Philippines won’t be affected by the changes and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

The Dynamic Nature of Local SEO

Local SEO in the Philippines is prone to change because search engine results frequently update their algorithm to improve user experience and deliver more accurate search results. Depending on the adjustments, it can impact the local search ranking, which, in turn, can affect the SEO strategy of a business.

Search engines are also influenced by online reviews, relevance, proximity, and prominence of a business, so staying informed about these changes can help optimize efforts. The competitive landscape can also affect the effectiveness of local SEO strategy, which is why monitoring other competitor brands can be beneficial for refining tactics.

Benefits of Adapting to Algorithm Changes

Adjusting to algorithm changes can bring many benefits for a business using digital marketing to reach its target audience. One key advantage is that it increases their visibility, enhancing the possibility of ranking their website at the top of search results. This benefit can also apply to a business’s social media pages since adapting to updates can increase post engagement, conversion rates, and loyalty base.

Another benefit is that it gives a business a competitive edge since being the first to adapt to algorithm changes can establish its name as a game changer in the industry. As a result, it increases brand recognition and reputation.

Best Practices for Staying Ahead

To stay on top of the competitive world of business, below are a few best practices a brand can apply to their strategies for local SEO in the Philippines.

Update Google Business Profile

It’s no secret that Google dominates other search engines, so ranking on its search page can provide a massive traffic boost for a business’s website or social media pages. That’s why it’s essential to keep the name, address, contact number, and business hours up to date on the brand’s Google Business profile so it’s more likely to rank for relevance and proximity on local searches.

Do Local Keyword Research

Researching local keywords that a business’s target audience uses can increase the likelihood of ranking a website or social media page since using their current language makes posts more relatable and engaging. Companies can identify relevant terms and phrases by using keyword research tools.Optimizing website content, such as adding meta tags and headings, can also make this strategy more effective.  

Post Relevant and Quality Content

Aside from using local keywords, the quality of content a business posts can make or break their ranking. It’s always a good idea to publish relevant and engaging content to a business’s target audience since it’s more likely to capture their attention. Incorporating local news, events, and information can also increase their relevance and enhance connection with the community.

Do Local Link Building

Building a strong local link-building profile can also help with website visibility. A business can achieve this by acquiring links from other reputable companies or community organizations by participating in local events, partnerships, or sponsorships. Publishing guest posts to other websites in exchange for a backlink is also a good practice since it establishes a relationship with other businesses while increasing the exposure of one’s business.


Using local SEO in the Philippines provides several benefits for the visibility of a business’ website and social media pages. But considering its dynamic nature, it’s always a good idea to be ready to adapt to its constant updates and changes to stay relevant and stay ahead of other local competitors. Don’t forget to check out Syncporium for more information about local SEO.

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