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Effective Link Building Strategies and the Types of Metrics

Blog Hyperlinking makes the Internet go round! Without hyperlinks or links, we wouldn’t be able to call the World Wide Web what it is. So, this makes effective Link Building Strategies important; a domain needs links to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs.

Link Building Metrics 

Knowing is half the battle! Google’s pretty tight-fisted about their ranking algorithm. Each iteration of the algorithm can do something different than the last! Google’s inner workings are a bit of a mystery; thus, the metrics can’t give a concise explanation. However, you can use them to find out more about your link profile.

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Here are the top three kinds of metrics to use:

Your domain’s metrics.

If you’re handling a website for a particular company, you probably have access to analytics or analytics providers such as Matomo. Well, if you’ve got a website equipped for checking link status and value, then feel free to rely on it! Otherwise, Data and Analytics Service Providers like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Moz have got you covered. These (mostly free) providers can check on your links for you.

Your links’ attributes.

You might have heard of nofollow and sponsored links. We’ll start with these. 

First, Nofollow hyperlinks don’t do much in terms of passing authority/link juice. This means that Nofollow links can’t boost your Link Building endeavors much. But, despite their attributes, Nofollow links are links nonetheless, and they can add to site traffic numbers. 

Next, Sponsored links are, well, sponsored! Of course, through these hyperlinks, you get a little bit of extra income for your troubles. Finally, UGC or user-generated content links. As the name implies, Google will know that the hyperlink is user-generated! Also, it indicates that the hyperlink isn’t for advertising!

Links pulled from other domains.

You’re going to want a diverse link profile. You can’t expect to have all your hyperlinks on one page lead to a single domain! So you have to collect various links — of course, within reason! In addition to the links, they have to be related to your content. This way, Google can crawl your website and add to your ranking. In sum, the unwritten rule is to get hyperlinks that are both recent and relevant! Google will handle the rest.

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The Best Strategies for Link Building

Link Building involves creating a link profile that gives you sufficient authority without undermining your pages. Also, to ensure your hyperlinks are pleasing to site visitors, you have to ensure that they work perfectly! So search for reliable domains, fix up broken links, and also follow these:

Effective Link Building Strategies

Use your metrics to figure out how to boost your ranking.

The first thing about effective Link Building Strategies is that you need to know what you’re working with. So, you can use the metrics to analyze the domain authority of a particular page. That is, the metrics can tell you the volume of links on a given page, as well as their value. But, additionally, you have to look deeper into why the pages rank so high and apply what you’ve observed to your future actions.

Vet potential domains to link with metrics!

In connection with the last Link Building Strategy, you need to get good links. Metrics can trawl the ‘Net to find thousands upon thousands of links ready to be used in your content. But you need the links with the highest authority to link back to your content. It’s no good if you pick low-tier hyperlinks from untrustworthy websites! So, use the metrics to search for the best hyperlinks on the Internet! You can even create a list of reliable domains you can link to without even checking their metrics in the future!


Audit your link profile.

Just as the last Link Building Strategy used metrics to find the best domains, you can also use your metrics to find problems with hyperlinks from those domains. Of course, while you can be assured that your high-authority domain links are working fine, you still need to check your link profile regularly. After all, routine maintenance keeps your website on the first page of SERPs.

Remember that traffic is traffic!

This Link Building Strategy goes for Nofollow hyperlinks especially. Such links might not be able to pass authority, but that’s if you’re looking at it from a Link Building perspective. Traffic is traffic! So, as long as the hyperlink leads visitors to you, they still have a purpose.

Get links from relevant domains, especially newer ones.

Google needs you to come up with hyperlinks that match your content. Now, as for the links that match your content, the best thing is to pick links to content that date back to less than a handful of years. Any more than that, and you risk linking to inaccurate or even outdated content! Ignoring this Link Building Strategy will make your Google ranking take a dip. Also, getting links from newer domains can help you gain new site visitors!

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Plan your link profile well, and you come out on top.

With the algorithm overlords requiring Link Building to keep website traffic going, you need to know how your Link Building is going too! This doesn’t just mean reading all the articles about Link Building and its strategies. It’s about knowing how your links contribute to your traffic, too! Also, from the data, you can figure out a plan to make your hyperlinks bring in more site visitors.

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