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Improve PPC Campaigns Using Customer Information

Aside from you and your staff, your customers are the most familiar with your products and services. But did you know that you can use customer information to improve PPC campaigns? Let us discuss how you can do so below!

Improve PPC Campaigns Using Customer Information

How to Improve PPC Campaigns Using Customer Information

There are different ways to boost your PPC campaigns. For this article, we will focus on how customer information helps improve PPC campaigns:

Customer Surveys

If you have already conducted customer surveys before, you can use data from said surveys to help you craft your ads. You can even use said information to design your business website’s landing pages. 

For instance, if you find out that you have 97% of highly satisfied customers, you can highlight such statistics on your ads. Likewise, if you have discovered your products’ top benefits, you can highlight them as well to improve your PPC campaigns. You can also place this information on your search ad headlines, responsive display ad headlines, callout extensions, and even on your social media posts.

Customer Reviews

Aside from customer surveys, PPC experts can also use information from customer reviews. So, go and check out third-party sites, such as Google or Facebook, and see if your customers have left any reviews.

Improve PPC Campaigns Customer Reviews

Read through those reviews and collect information that stands out. Watch out for the benefit points that your customers mention most frequently. Then, use said data to improve your PPC campaigns. 

Customer Support Logs

You can also use internal sources such as those from your customer support logs. Remember that your support team members are the first ones that deal with your customers. 

Check out your chats and logs to see what your customers love most about your products and services. Highlight the points or features detailing how your brand has helped resolve their problems or concerns.

Keyword Research

Now that you’ve gone through your customer surveys, reviews, and support logs, you may have already noticed words or phrases that repeat. Now’s the time to conduct keyword research. One way to do this is to head to the particular page on your business website that includes customer reviews. Then, copy the URL of that page and enter it into Google Keyword Planner. 


Improve PPC Campaigns Keyword Research

Doing so helps you see recommended keywords based on the content from the said page. Next, select which words or phrases are relevant to your business. Finally, ensure that your ad copy contains the words or phrases your target audience is most likely to search online with keyword research.

Video Testimonials

Today, more and more businesses use video format for their ad campaigns. So, aside from written content, you can also use video content. Furthermore, marketing experts observed that videos drive more engagement than images with text. Thus, it only follows that you also use video content for your PPC campaigns.

You don’t need to have a high-end production for this. You can record vertical-format video testimonials from customers using your smartphone. The important thing is that they highlight how your products or services have helped them. Recording it using your smartphone may add a genuine touch to their testimonials. Then, publish their testimonials as a Facebook or Instagram Story or a 10 to 15-second clip on Tiktok.

Customer Photos

Another way to improve your PPC campaigns is to use customer photos showing how satisfied they are with your products or services. You can use these photos in your ad graphics or feature them on your landing pages. Just don’t forget to seek their permission before using said photos.

Customer Photos

You can even use a photo without featuring your product. However, you will need a testimonial from the customer in the picture for this. Adding a testimonial quote would make the image more impactful.

Customer Counts

You can include your customer volume in your ad copy when you have already reached a large customer base. For instance, your ad can say, “5,767 projects have been completed worldwide. Join us now!” You can also add a block of text on your landing page showing real-time updates showing your current number of clients.

You can also showcase the number of customers served within a given period or how many customers you have served in a particular region or area. Doing so would help improve PPC campaigns, especially if you are running regionally-targeted ads.

Demographic Data

You can also determine who your existing customers are by collecting demographic information. Doing so would help you know their common characteristics, including their age, location, occupation, and even the industry where they belong.

Use these bits of information to target your ads better. For example, if you know who is buying your products or availing of your services, you can create ads that speak to them. In doing so, you increase the chances of them choosing your business. It would also help to check out these PPC trends for digital marketers in 2022.

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